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[74 Stat. 657]
[74 Stat. 657]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960

74 S T A T. ]

PUBLIC LAW 8 6 - 6 8 2 - S E P T. 2, 1960

§ 4053. Postage meters A postage meter is a device or mechanism to print prepaid postage on mail matter, which automatically locks when the amount of postage registered therein is exhausted. Meters in the possession of patrons shall be set by postmasters for the amount of postage collected at the time of setting. Mail on which postage is paid by means of a postage meter is called "metered mail". The impressions made by postage meters are called "meter stamps". § 4054. Postage collection on Armed Forces mail The Postmaster General may transmit, without the prepayment of postage, letters of members of the Armed Forces in the service of the United States certified in a manner prescribed by him, and collect the postage upon delivery. § 4055. Refund of postage The Postmaster General may refund out of postal receipts postage which he is satisfied has been— (1) paid for service not rendered; or (2) collected in excess of the lawful rate. § 4056. Acceptance of letters by transportation employees or carriers A postal transportation employee or other carrier of the mail shall accept letters presented to him on which postage is properly prepaid by stamps. § 4057. Opening first class mail Only an employee opening dead mail by authority of the Postmaster General, or a person holding a search warrant authorized by law may open any letter or parcel of the first class which is in the custody of the Department. § 4058. Wrapping matter not charged with first class postage (a) The Postmaster General may prescribe the manner of wrapping and securing mail not charged with first class postage so that the contents of the mail may be easily examined. H e shall charge the first class rate of postage on all matter which cannot be examined easily. (b) To ascertain whether the proper rate of postage has been paid, postmasters may examine second class mail and remove the wrappers and envelopes from other mail not bearing first class postage if it can be done without destroying them. § 4059. Addresses on postal cards and unsealed circulars Addresses upon postal cards, post cards and unsealed circulars may be either written, printed, or affixed thereto, at the option of the sender. § 4060. Foreign publications free from customs duty (a) Printed matter other than books received in the mail from foreign countries under the provisions of postal treaties or conventions are free of customs duty. (b) Wlien books which are admitted to the international mail under the provisions of the Universal Postal Union Convention are subject to customs duty, they may be delivered by the Postmaster General as addressed under such regulations for the collection of duties as may be agreed upon by him and the Secretary of the Treasury. 48232 0-61-42