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[74 Stat. 658]
[74 Stat. 658]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960

PUBLIC LAW 8 6 - 6 8 2 - S E P T. 2, 1960

[74 STAT.


4101. 4102. 4103. 4104. 4105. 4106. 4107. 4108. 4109. 4110.

Retention period for undelivered mail. Forwaxding mail. Return of mail. International dead letters. Disposal of undelivered mail. Notice of nondelivery of mail. Dead letter offices established. Dead letter treatment of first class malL Unpaid and part paid mail. Charges for unpaid and part paid mail.

§ 4101. Retention period for undelivered mail The Postmaster General may prescribe the period during which undelivered mail may be held for delivery. § 4102. Forwarding mail The Postmaster General shall forward prepaid first class mail from one post office to another at the request of the party addressed without additional charge for postage. He shall charge additional postage on mail of other classes forwarded from one post office to another in accordance with section 4105 of this title. § 4103. Return of mail Prepaid letters or parcels of the first class endorsed with the sender's name and address shall be returned by the Postmaster General without additional charge for postage if remaining undelivered for the period directed by the sender or as prescribed by the Postmaster General. He may not return other mail matter unless the sender pays additional postage in accordance with section 4105 of this title. § 4104. International dead letters The Postmaster General shall treat international dead letters in accordance with postal arrangements made with other countries pursuant to section 505 of this title. § 4105. Disposal of undelivered mail (a) Undelivered mail, other than letters and parcels of the first class, may be— (1) disposed of as the Postmaster General directs; or (2) forwarded to the addressee or returned to the sender. The postage for the service may be prepaid or collected on delivery in accordance with the instructions and pledge of the addressee or sender. (b) The Postmaster General may prescribe conditions under which mail covered by subsection (a), including mail which is of an urgent or perishable nature, and for which payment of forwarding or return postage is not pledged, may be forwarded or returned. (c) The Postmaster General may sell undelivered parcels containing perishable matter, not forwarded or returned. He shall remit to the sender or rightful owner the amount realized, less a commission of 10 per centum, or 25 cents, whichever is the greater. § 4106. Notice of nondelivery of mail (a) The Postmaster General may notify the sender or addressee when mail, other than mail of the first class, is undeliverable as addressed. (b) The Postmaster General shall notify the publisher or news agent when copies of a publication of the second class mailed by him are undeliverable as addressed. Copies of publications undeliverable as addressed received subsequent to the notice may be treated as directed by the Postmaster General.