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[74 Stat. 659]
[74 Stat. 659]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960

74 S T A T. ]

PUBLIC LAW 8 6 - 6 8 2 - S E P T. 2, 1960

§ 4107. Dead letter offices established The Postmaster General may designate places, known as dead letter offices, for the examination and treatment of dead mail. § 4108. Dead letter treatment of first class mail (a) The Postmaster General shall send first class mail which cannot be delivered either to the addressee or sender to a dead letter office. He shall cause enclosures of value, other than correspondence, to be recorded. When the sender or addressee cannot be identified, he shall hold the letters or parcels for reclamation for a period of one year after which they shall be disposed of as he directs. Letters and parcels without valuable enclosures may be disposed of by him without record and not held for reclamation. (b) The Postmaster General shall return to the senders by registered mail ordinary dead letters containing $10 or more in cash, and parcels of the first class which apparently contain matter valued at $10 or more. The minimum registry fee, in addition to such other fees as the Postmaster General may prescribe, shall be collected at the time of delivery. § 4109. Unpaid and part paid mail The Postmaster General shall prescribe the conditions for delivery to the addressee, return to the sender, or other disposition, of matter mailed without prepayment of the posage required by law. § 4110. Charges for unpaid and part paid mail The Postmaster General shall prescribe from time to time the charges to be collected for matter mailed without prepayment of required postage. The charges— (1) shall be in addition to the payment of lawfully required postage, (2) may not be adjusted more frequently than once every two years, and (3) when adjusted, shall equal, as nearly as practicable, the approximate cost incurred by the Department with respect to the delivery of such matter and the collection of postage and other charges thereon. The Postmaster General may waive the collection of any charges when he deems a waiver to be in the interest of the Government. CHAPTER 57—PENALTY AND FRANKED MAIL Sec.

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Definitions. Penalty mail. Endorsements on penalty covers. Restrictions on use of penalty mail. Accounting for penalty covers. Reimbursement for penalty mail service. Report to Congress by Postmaster General. Limit of weight of penalty mail; postage on overweight matter. Shipment by most economical means. Executive departments to supply information. Official corresiwndence of Vice President and Members of Congress. Public documents. Congressional Record under frank of Members of Congress. Seeds and reports from Department of Agriculture. Mailing privilege of former Presidents. Lending or permitting use of frank unlawful. Reimbursement for franked mailings. Correspondence of members of diplomatic corps and consuls of countries of Postal Union of Americas and Spain.