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[74 Stat. 691]
[74 Stat. 691]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960



PUBLIC LAW 86-682-SEPT. 2, 1960

§ 6208. Interstate Commerce Commission to fix rates (a) The Interstate Commerce Commission shall determine and fix from time to time the fair and reasonable rates or compensation for the transportation of mail by railroad and the service connected therewith and prescribe the method for computing such rates or compensation. The Commission shall publish its orders stating its determination under this section which shall remain in force until changed by it after notice and hearing. (b) For the purpose of determining and fixing rates or compensation under this section, the Commission may make just and reasonable classifications of railroads and, where just and equitable, fix general rates applicable to railroads in the same classification. (c) In determining and fixing fair and reasonable rates under this section, the Commission shall consider the relation between the Government and railroads as public service corporations, and the nature of public service as distinguished, if there is a distinction, from the ordinary transportation business of the railroads. § 6209. Procedures (a) At any time after six months from the entry of an order stating the Commission's determination under section 6208 of this title, the Postmaster General or an interested railroad may apply for a re-examination and substantially similar proceedings as have theretofore been had shall be followed with respect to the rates for services covered by the application. At the conclusion of the hearing the Commission shall enter an order stating its determination. (b) Except as authorized by sections 6210 and 6215 of this title, the Postmaster General shall pay a railroad the rates or compensation so determined and fixed for application at such stated times as named in the order. (c) The Postmaster General may file with the Commission a comprehensive plan, stating— (1) his requirements for the transportation of mail by railroad; (2) the number, equipment, size, and construction of the cars necessary for the transaction of the business; (3) the character and speed of the trains which are to carry the various kinds of mail; (4) the service, both terminal and en route, which carriers are to render; (5) what he believes to be the fair and reasonable rates or compensation for the services required; (6) all other information which may be material to the inquiry, but such other information may be filed at any time in the discretion of the Commission. (d) When a comprehensive plan is filed, the Commission shall give notice of not less than thirty days to each railroad required by the Postmaster General to transport mail. A railroad may file its answer at the time fixed by the Commission, but not later than thirty days after the expiration date fixed by the Commission in the notice, and the Commission shall proceed with the hearing. § 6210. Special r a t e s (a) Upon petition by the Postmaster General the Commission shall determine and fix carload or less-than-ciarload rates for the transportation of fourth class and periodical mail. A railroad shall perform the service at the rates so determined when requested to do so and under the conditions prescribed by the Postmaster General. (b) The Postmaster General may make special arrangements with railroads for the transportation of mail in freight trains at rates not