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[74 Stat. 704]
[74 Stat. 704]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960


PUBLIC LAW 86-682-SEPT. 2, 1960

[74 S T A T.

(b) The Postmaster General may pay the person establishing a lien under subsection (a) of this section the sum due him, when the contractor or subcontractor fails to pay the person the amount of his lien within two months after the expiration of the month in which the service was performed. He shall charge the amount so paid to the contract. The payments may not exceed the annual rate of pay of the contractor or subcontractor. § 6433. Free transportation of postal officials Every person engaged in the transportation of mail by vessel and, unless otherwise provided in the contract, every other contractor engaged in the transportation of mail shall carry on any vessel or vehicle he operates upon exhibiting their credentials and without extra charge therefor— (1) persons in charge of the mails when on duty and traveling to and from duty, and (2) accredited agents and officers, including postal inspectors, of the Department while traveling on official business. § 6434. Liability of contractor for breach (a) The Postmaster General may make deductions from the compensation of contractors for failure to perform service according to contracts for the transportation of the mail, and he may impose fines upon them for other delinquencies. He may deduct the price of the trip in all cases where the trip is not performed and not exceeding three times the price if the failure is occasioned by the fault of the contractor or carrier. The Postmaster General may change or remit deductions or fines. (b) Contractors are also answerable in damages to the United States for the proper care and transportation of the mail. They are accountable to the United States for loss of or damage to the mail or any part of it due to the failure of any of the contractor's officers, agents, or employees to exercise due care in the custody, handling, or transportation thereof. § 6435. Fines on ocean carriers The Postmaster General may impose or remit fines on carriers transporting mail by vessel on routes extending beyond the borders cf the United States for— (1) unreasonable or unnecessary delay to the mail; and (2) other delinquencies in the transportation of the mail. § 6436. Default of contractor having several routes Where a person having contracts for the transportation of mail upon more than one route fails to perform the service according to the contract on any of the routes, the Postmaster General shall withhold payments on all contracts with him until the failure has been removed and all penalties therefor fully satisfied. § 6437. Unreasonable bids When the Postmaster General believes that the bids for the performance of star route service are unreasonable, or that there is a combination of bidders to fix the rate for star route service, he may use such means or methods to provide the desired service as he deems expedient, without reference to laws respecting the employment of personal service or the procurement of conveyances, materials, or supplies. He may pay the cost thereof from any appropriation available for the transportation of mail.