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[74 Stat. 708]
[74 Stat. 708]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960


PUBLIC LAW 86-682-SEPT. 2, 1960

[74 S T A T.

defendant, is known to the United States attorney or marshal, the officer shall cause a personal notice of the attachment to be served upon him, but the lack of the notice does not invalidate the attachment. «§ 2717. Discharge "The court, or a judge thereof, upon— "(1) application of the party when property has been attached and "(2) execution to the United States of a penal bond, approved by a judge, in double the value of the property attached and conditioned upon the return of the property or the payment of any judgment rendered by the court may discharge the warrant of attachment as to the property of the applicant. '*§ 2718. Interest on balances due department "In suits for balances due the Post Office Department may recover interest at the rate of 6 per centum per year from the time of default," SEC. 10. The analysis of part VI of title 28 United States Code immediately preceding chapter 151 is amended by adding the following: "173. Attachment in postal suits

Sec. 2710."

EFFECTIVE DATE SEC. 11. This Act takes effect on September 1, 1960. Laws enacted after January 7, 1959, that are inconsistent with this Act shall supersede it to the extent of the inconsistency. KEPEALS 68 Stat. 1014. 62 Stat. 782.

SEC. 12. (a) Section 10 of title 13, United States Code, is hereby repealed. (b) Subsection (c) of section 1717, title 18, United States Code is hereby repealed. (c) The sections or parts thereof of the Revised Statutes or Statutes at Large enumerated in the following schedule are hereby repealed. Rights or liabilities now existing under the sections or parts thereof repealed are not affected by this repeal: