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[74 Stat. 804]
[74 Stat. 804]
PUBLIC LAW 86-000—MMMM. DD, 1960

804 Studies and investigations.

PUBLIC LAW 86-708-SEPT. 6, 1960



(b) The Commissioners may make such studies and investigations, and obtain or require the furnishing of such information under oath or affirmation or otherwise, as they deem necessary or proper to assist them in prescribing any regulation or order under this Act, or in the administration and enforcement of this Act, and regulations and orders thereunder. For such purposes, the Commissioners may administer oaths and affirmations, may require by subpena or otherwise the attendance and testimony of witnesses and the production of documents at any designated place. I n the event of contumacy or refusal to obey any such subpena or requirement under this section, the Commissioners may make application to the municipal court for the District of Columbia for an order requiring obedience thereto. Thereupon the court, with or without notice and hearing, as it, in its discretion, may decide, shall make such order as is proper and may punish as a contempt any failure to comply with such order in accordance with the provisions of subsection (c), section 5, of the Act of April 1, 1942 (56 Stat. 193, ch. 207; sec. 11-756(c), D.C. Code, 1951 edition), guaiification res^c. 9. (a) Except as provided in section 10, an applicant for a quirements. license to practice as a licensed practical nurse shall submit to the Commissioners written evidence, verified by her oath, that the applicant (1) is at least 18 years of age; (2) is of good moral character; (3) is in good physical and mental health, as certified by a physician licensed to practice in the District of Columbia; (4) has completed at least two years of high school or the equivalent thereof as determined by the Commissioners; and (5) has successfully completed an accredited program for the training of licensed practical nurses approved by the Commissioners, or the equivalent thereof as determined by them. The applicant shall meet such other qualification requirements as the Commissioners may prescribe. Except as otherwise provided in this Act, the applicant shall be required to pass a written examination in such subjects as the Commissioners may determine. Each written examination may be supplemented by an oral or practical examination. If the applicant passes such examinations, the Commissioners shall issue to the applicant a license to practice as a licensed practical nurse if they are satisfied that she possesses the required qualifications. L i c e n s e without (b) The Commissioners may issue a license to practice as a licensed examination. practical nurse without examination to any applicant who has been duly licensed or registered as a licensed vocational or practical nurse or a person entitled to perform similar service under a different title, by examination, under the laws of a State, territory, or possession oi the United States, the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, or a foreign country, if they are satisfied that the applicant meets the qualifications required of licensed practical nurses in the District of Columbia. Fee. (c) An applicant for a license to practice as a licensed practical nurse shall at the time such application is made pay the required fee for an original license. An application shall be closed and filed as closed and incomplete at the end of a year from the time that the application was received if the applicant has failed to take all steps required of her to obtain a license. I n order to reopen an application which has been closed or withdrawn, the applicant shall pay the same fee as is required for an original license. SEC. 10. Upon receipt of an application, accompanied by the required fee for an original license, the Commissioners shall issue a license to practice as a licensed practical nurse, without written examination, to any person who shall make application therefor prior to the expiration of one year immediately following the effective date of this Act: Provided, That (A) the Commissioners find that such person (1) is at