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[75 Stat. 1173]
[75 Stat. 1173]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961

SUBJECT INDEX Airports—Continued ^^se Federal Airport Act— Amendment, airport development program, extension 523 Appropriation for effecting provisions 346, 738 Grants-in-aid to States, appropriation.738 Washington National Airport, appropriation for 346, 347 Alabama: Mobile, medal commemorating the two hundred and fiftieth anniversary. _ 43 Russell Cave National Monument, establishment, proclamation 1058 Alaska: Canadian vessels, transportation between Alaskan ports 196 Housing, low-rent, amendment of cost limitations 165 Land reservations for use by the Army— Big Delta area 687 Campbell Creek area 671 Fairbanks . 682 Fort Richardson 671 Granite Creek area 749 Ladd-Eielson area 686 Leasing of lands and mineral resources, appropriation for protection and_247 Public lands— Isolated tracts, sale of 384 Mining claims, filing of 541 Public works, appropriation for 251 Russian Orthodox Greek Catholic Church, records made available in Library of Congress 241 Transitional grants, appropriation for__ 262 Travel expenses incurred in, exception to maximum per diem rates 340 Alaska Communication System, appropriation for 33, 370 Alaska International Rail and Highway Commission, appropriation for 24 Alaska Railroad, appropriation for revolving fund 251 Albany County, N.Y., settlement of claims against the United States 750 Alcoholic Beverage Control Act, District of Columbia, amendments 510 Alien Property, Office of, appropriation for 28, 38, 550 Aliens. See also Immigration and Naturalization Service and Immigration and Nationality Act. [NOTE: For actions concerning individuals, see Individual Index, following this Subject Index.]

Alien property activities, appropriation for Deportation of certain Employment of


Aliens—Continued ^^^'^ Enlistment in regular Army and Air Force 364 Foreign assistance program, participants 456 Peace Corps, participation 617 Permanent residence status, granting to certain 971 Tax exemptions for certain participants under Mutual Educational and Cultural Exchange Act of 1961-. 535-537 Tuberculosis, admission of persons with_ 654 "American Aid", identification of foreign assistance program overseas 460 American Battle Monuments Commission, appropriation for 279, 280 American Education Week, 1961, proclamation 1073 American Patent System Week: Designation 611 Proclamation 1109 American Printing House for the Blind: Appropriation for 607, 737 Education, wider distribution of books, etc., increased appropriation authorized 627 American Republics, housing projects, guaranties 432 American Samoa: Area Redevelopment Act, applicability to 63 Fair Labor Standards Amendments of 1961, applicability of certain provisions 67 Federal property, transfer of 392 Merchant Marine Academy, appointment of United States nationals to 468 Purchases through General Services Administration, authority 250 Scholarships, eligibility of United States nationals 390 Ancient Nubian Monuments, preservation of, appropriation for 746 Animal Disease Control: Appropriation for 31, 226, 227 Hog cholera, eradication program 481 Appeals, Courts of. See under Courts, United States Apples, marketing orders, coverage 304 Appropriation Acts: Agriculture Department and related agencies, 1962 225 Commerce Department and related agencies, 1962 268 Continuing appropriations, 1962 144, 412 Defense Department, 1962 365 550 District of Columbia, 1962 560 970 Foreign assistance and related agencies, 240 1962 717