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[75 Stat. 1179]
[75 Stat. 1179]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961

SUBJECT INDEX Civil Service Commission. See also Gov- ^^^^ ernment Departments and Agencies and Government Employees. Annuities— Persons convicted of offenses against the security of the United States, forfeiture 640 Special acts, appropriation for payment under 345 Appropriation for 34, 262, 344 Atomic Energy Act of 1954, amendment of provisions respecting security clearances under 476 Civil service retirement and disability fund, contributions from Area Redevelopment Fund 54 Classification Act of 1949. See separate title. Federal Executive Pay Act of 1956. See separate title. General provisions. Appropriation Act_ 363 International organizations, funds for investigation of United States citizens for employment by 24 International Organizations Employees Loyalty Board, conflict-of-interest statutes, exception 344 Remodeling of building, appropriation for-_._ -_._ 262 Retirement and Disability Fund— Annuities, permanent authorization for payment of certain 241 Appropriation for 345 Contributions from Area Redevelopment Fund 54 Public debt obligations, issuance of.. 770 Report to Bureau of the Budget, estimates 345 Security guard services, reimbursement of General Services Administration 344 Security investigations. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency, United States 637 United States Merchant Marine Academy, conversion of staff to competitive civil service 212 Civil Service Retirement Act, Amendments: Agricultural county committee employees, retirement provisions 770 Civil Service Retirement and Disability Fund, issuance of public debt obligations 770 Coast and Geodetic Survey, extension to 507 Disability retirement, recovery, discontinuance of annuity 771 Former congressional employees 772 Lump-sum benefits 771

Civil Service Retirement Act, Amendments—Continued Peace Corps Act, service under, exclusions Remployment of annuitants Civil War Centennial, proclamation Civil War Centennial Commission: Abraham Lincoln's first inauguration, cooperation with joint committee on anniversary arrangements Appropriation for Claims:

1179 ^^^^ 623 771 998

4 263

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Aircraft or missile accidents, claims resulting from, advance payments. __ 488 Alaska, filing of mining claims 541 Appropriation for settlement— Defense Department 21 Departments and agencies 40, 747 District of Columbia 22, 562 Atomic Energy Commission, settlement authority 478 International Claims Settlement Act, appropriation for effecting provisions 550 Judgments and compromise settlements, simplification of payments 415 Peace Corps Act, settlement authority under 618 Settlement—• Albany County, N.Y 750 Midwest City, Okla 823 New Hampshire 829 Princess Anne County School Board, Va 520 War Shipping Administration, appropriation for payment of 734 Classification Act of 1949: Amendments— Additional positions, repeal of authorization for certain 787 Downgrading actions, salary protection; retroactive payments, etc__ 567 Exemption of certain positions— Mutual Educational and Cultural Exchange Act of 1961 530 Peace Corps 615 Securities and Exchange Commission 465 General Accounting Office, supergrade positions, increase 685 Positions authorized, supergrades, increase 786 Withdrawal of certain supergrade positions 787 Positions authorized, supergrades— Economic development assistance program 449 Limitation 62