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[75 Stat. 1208]
[75 Stat. 1208]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961



Justice, Department of—Continued Commission and Advisory Committee on International Rules of Judicial Procedure, extension Federal Bureau of Investigation. See separate title. Federal Prison System. See separate title. General provisions, Appropriation Act.

^^^^ Labor, Department of—Continued ^^^^ Employees' Compensation, Bureau of— Appropriation for 29, 592 685 National Guard, claims for certain disability or death cases 507 Employment Security, Bureau of, appropriation for 28, 38, 590, 745 Employment security administration account, appropriation for 28 553, Employment service administration, 559 grants to States, funds available 28 Government employees, suits arising Fair Labor Standard s Amendments of from motor vehicle operations, de1961 65 fense 539 Federal extended compensation acImmigration and N a t u r a l i z a t i o n Servcount-— ice. See separate title. Legal activities and general administrappropriation for 145, 412 tion, appropriation for 27, 37, 550, 744 Establishment 14 General provisions. Appropriation Act_ 610 Parole, Board of, compensation 793 International Labor Affairs, Bureau of, Public building sites, repeal relating to abstracts, etc., and evidences of appropriation for 589 title 577 Labor - m a n a g e m e n t reporting and disclosure activities, appropriation Witnesses, appropriation for fees and expenses 27, 551 for 38 Labor - M a n a g e m e n t Reports, Bureau of, Juvenile Delinquency and Youth Offenses appropriation for 589 Control Act of 1961 572 Labor Standards, Bureau of, appropriAppropriation for effecting provisions __ 738 ation for 38, 589 K Labor Statistics, Bureau of, appropriation for 38, 593 Kansas, P o t a w a to m i Indians, use and disLaborers and mechanics on water poltribution of certain funds 474 lution control projects, rate of Kentucky, Cumberland Gap National wages 207 Historical Park, additional lands 224 Longshoremen's and H a r b o r Workers' "Khrushchev's Strategy and Its Meaning Compensation Act— for America", printing of additional Amendments, disabling injuries, etc., copies 962 increased benefits 203 Kings Lake Drainage District, Mo., l u m p Appropriation for effecting provisum payment for damages 413 sions 589 Klamath Indians: Mexican farm labor program— Agency liquidation expenses 37, 248 Appropriation for ^ 38, 592, 745 Appropriation for land acquisition 20 Extension 761 Knoxville, Tenn., James White's Fort Occupational training in redevelopment Association, land conveyance 171 areas, studies 58 Pharmacological-an'mal laboratory build"Korean War and Related Matters", ing, appropriation for 594 printing of additional copies of report 962 President's Committee on Employment L of the Physically Handicapped, appropriation for 589 Labor, Department of: Redevelopment areas— Apprenticeship and Training, Bureau of, Retraining subsistence payments, appropriation for 38, 590 agreements with States for 59 Appropriation Act, 1962 589 Studies 49 Appropriation for 28, 38, 144, 412, 689, 744 Reports to Congress, Fair Labor StandArea redevelopment activities, approards Amendments of 1961, s t u d i e s. 66, 75 priation for 744 Secretary, Office of, appropriation for__ 38, Area Redevelopment Advisory Policy 589, 744 Board, membership 48 Social Security Act. See separate title. Assistant secretary, additional 338 Solicitor, Office of the, appropriation Consumer Price Index, appropriation for 38,589 for 38, 593