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[75 Stat. 713]
[75 Stat. 713]
PUBLIC LAW 87-000—MMMM. DD, 1961



PUBLIC LAW 87-328-SEPT. 27, 1961

14.22 Effective Date; Execution. This compact shall become binding and effective thirty days after the enactment of concurring legislation by the federal government, the states of Delaware, New Jersey and New York, and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania. The compact shall be signed and sealed in six duplicate original copies by the respective chief executives of the signatory parties. One such copy shall be filed with the Secretary of State of each of the signatory parties or in accordance with the laws of the state in which the filing is made, and one copy shall be filed and retained in the archives of the commission upon its organization. The signatures shall be affixed and attested under the following form: I N W I T N E S S WHEREOF, and in evidence of the adoption and enactment into law of this compact by the Congress and legislatures, respectively, of the s i ^ a to r y parties, the President of the United States and the respective Governors do hereby, in accordance with authority conferred by law, sign this compact in six duplicate original copies, as attested by the respective secretaries of state, and have caused the seals of the United States and of the respective states to be hereunto affixed this day of ,19 PART II ARTICLE 15 RESERVATIONS

15.1 In the exercise of the powers reserved to the Congress, pursuant to Section 1.4 of the Compact, the consent to and participation in the Compact by the United States is subject to the following conditions and reservations: (a) Notwithstanding any provision of the Delaware River Basin Compact the Delaware River Basin Commission shall not undertake any project (as defined in such compact), other than a project for which State supplied funds only will be used, beyond the planning stage until— (1) such Commission has submitted to the Congress such complete plans and estimates for such project as may be necessary to make an engineering evaluation of such project, including— (A) where me project will serve more than one purpose, an allocation of costs among the purposes served and an estimate of the ratio of benefits to costs for each such purpose. (B) an apportionment of costs among the beneficiaries of the project, including the portion of the costs to be borne by the Federal Government and by State and local governments, and (C) a proposal for financing the project, including the terms of any proposed bonds or other evidences of indebtedness to be used for such purpose; and (2) such project has been authorized by Act of Congress. (b) No provision of Section 3.7 of the Compact shall oe deemed to authorize the Commission to impose any charge for water withdrawals or diversions from the Basin if such withdrawals or diversions could lawfully have been made without charge on the effective date of the Compact; or to impose any charges with respect to commercial navigation within the Basin, jurisdiction over which is reserved to the Federal Government: Provided, That this paragraph shall be applicable to the extent not inconsistent with Section 1.4 of this Cfompact. 64207 0-62—48