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[80 STAT. 1773]
[80 STAT. 1773]
PRIVATE LAW 89-000—MMMM. DD, 1966



PROCLAMATION 3713-APR. 6, 1966


Proclamation 3713 PAN AMERICAN DAY AND PAN AMERICAN WEEK, 1966 By The President of The United States of America

April 6, 1966

A Proclamation

On the fourteenth of April, seventy-six years ago, the nations of the Western Hemisphere formally pledged themselves to the joint pursuit of peace and justice for all our peoples. The regional system then freely established, and now known as the Organization of American States, has been a great instrument for cooperation throughout the Americas. Seven years ago the American governments at Buenos Aires began charting new directions for economic and social advancement in the hemisphere. In 1959, we jointly agreed to establish the InterAmerican Development Bank to give new impetus to economic development. At Bogota the following year, social progress was recognized as a parallel objective for inter-American cooperation. In 1961 at Punta del Este we joined with nineteen of our sister republics in a vast collective enterprise of development and reform: the Alliance for Progress. Since assuming office in November 1963 it has been my deep concern that the Alliance should produce real and measurable results—in accelerating economic growth, expanding social justice, and strengthening democratic institutions. What has been accomplished in Latin America in the last two years shows how far we have forged ahead. I n political terms there is: —A growing number of vigorous political leaders committed to revolutionary change through reform in freedom. —Wider participation in the democratic process, particularly at the grass roots level. —Increasing appreciation of the need for full citizen involvement in national affairs. —Greater stability and a strengthening of democratic institutions. —Keener awareness of the danger of communist subversion and greater resolve to combat it. In economic and financial terms: —The rate of growth in Gross National Product has exceeded the Punta del Este target. —The annual volume of national savings has increased by 1.5 billion dollars. —Central government revenues have risen by almost 20 percent. —The annual level of exports has grown by close to a billion and a half dollars. —The annual level of imports has advanced by almost one billion dollars. —Loan authorizations and commitments from the United States and the international financial institutions have increased by 863 million dollars. In human terms, the Alliance in the past two years has made possible the training of over 100,000 school teachers; it has built many thousands of new schools and homes; it has brought safe drinking water to tens of millions; and it has opened up opportunities for fuller participation in modern industry and agriculture.

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