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[82 STAT. 1081]
[82 STAT. 1081]
PUBLIC LAW 90-000—MMMM. DD, 1968

82 STAT. ]

PUBLIC LAW 90-576-OCT. 16, 1968

including business and industrial concerns, upon such terms and conditions consistent with the provisions of this part and with its State plan approved pursuant to section 123, as it determines will most effectively carry out the development, establishment, and operation of exemplary and innovative occupational education programs or projects designed to serve as models for use in vocational education programs. " U S E S o r FUNDS

"SEC, 143. (a) Grants or contracts pursuant to this part may be made, upon terms and conditions consistent with the provisions of this part, to pay all or part of the cost of— "(1) planning and developing exemplary programs or projects such as those described in paragraph (2), or " (2) establishing, operating, or evaluating exemplary programs or projects designed to carry out the purposes set forth in section 141, and to broaden occupational aspirations and opportunities for youths, with special emphasis given to youths who have academic, socioeconomic, or other handicaps, which programs or projects may, among others, include— " (A) those designed to familiarize elementary and secondary school students with the broad range of occupations for which special skills are required and the requisites for careers in such occupations; " (B) p r o - a m s or projects for students providing educational experiences through work during the school year or in the summer; " (C) programs or projects for intensive occupational guidance and counseling during the last years of school and for initial job placement; " (D) programs or projects designed to broaden or improve vocational education curriculums; " (E) exchanges of personnel between schools and other agencies, institutions, or organizations participating in activities to achieve the purposes of this part, including manpower agencies and industry; " (F) programs or projects for young workers released from their jobs on a part-time basis for the purpose of increasing their educational attainment; and " (G) programs or projects at the secondary level to motivate and provide preprofessional preparation for potential teachers for vocational education. " (b)(1) A grant or contract pursuant to this part may be made only if the Commissioner is in the case of grants or contracts made by him, or the State board, in the case of grants or contracts made by it, determines— " (A) that effective procedures will be adopted by grantees and contractors to coordinate the development and operation of other programs and projects carried out under grants or contracts pursuant to this part, with the appropriate State plan, and with other public and private programs having the same or similar purposes; " (B) that to the extent consistent with the number of students enrolled in nonprofit private schools in the area to be served whose educational needs are of the type which the program or project involved is to meet, provision has been made for the participation of such students; and " (C) that effective policies and procedures will be adopted which assure that Federal funds made available under this part will not be commingled with State or local funds.