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[82 STAT. 1159]
[82 STAT. 1159]
PUBLIC LAW 90-000—MMMM. DD, 1968

82 STAT. ]

PUBLIC LAW 90-596-OCT. 17, 1968


for himself, his heirs and assigns, (1) that no ri^-ht, title, or interest of the public is thereby acquired, waived, or abridged; (2) that the Commissioner may inspect such vault during regular business hours; (8) that the Commissioner may introduce or authorize the introduction into or through such vault with, right of entry for inspection, maintenance, and repair, of any water pipe, gas pipe, sewer, conduit, other pipe, or other public or public utility underground construction, which the Commissioner deems necessary m the public interest to place in or through such vault; (4) that such vault will be changed by the owner, or by the District at the expense of such owner, to conform with any change made in the street, roadway, or sidewalk width or grade; and (5) that rental for such vault will be paid to the District as required by this Act. A copy of such agreement shall be recorded in the office of the Recorder of Deeds by and at the expense of such owner. SEC. 308. The (Commissioner is authorized and directed to assess and collect rent from the owners of abutting property for any vault located in the public space abutting such property, unless such ^•ault shall have been removed, filled, sealed, or otnerwise rendered unusable in a manner satisfactory to the Commissioner. SEC. 804. Each owner of property abutting public space in which a Annual fixed vault is located shall pay an annual rent fixed from time to time by "^^^ the District of Columbia Council for such vault, but such annual rent shall not be less than $10, and such rent shall be subject to collection from said owner in the manner prescribed by this title, regardless of Avhether any use is made of such vault, and regardless of the extent of any use: Provided, That no rent for any rentalyear for a vault shall be charged to the owner of abutting property if said owner, prior to July 1 of such year, has notified the Commissioner in writing that he has abandoned such vault and has performed such work as may be required by the District in connection with the sealing off or filling of such vault, or both. SEC. 305. (a) The owner of property abutting public space in which Newiyany vault is located, as such owner may be recorded in the real estate vauus"'^'* assessment records of the District, shall pay the rent established in accordance with this title for such val. Such rent shall be payable annually for the year commencing July 1 and ending the following June 80, and shall be payable in full prior to the beginning of such year. In the case of vaults constructed between July 1 and January 1 of any year, one-half of the annual rent for any such vault, shall be payable in full prior to the first of January immediately following the completion of such val. In the case of vaults constructed between January 1 and July 1 of the succeeding year, no rent shall be charged for any vault completed within such period, but the owner of the property abutting the public space in which such vault is located shall, prior to the first of July immediately following the completion of any such vault, pay in full the annual rent for such vault, for the rental year commencing on such July 1. Interest at the rate of 1 per centum interest rate. for each month or part thereof shall be charged in every case in which rent is not paid on or before the date on which any payment required by this section shall become due. (b) In the event the Commissioner requires or allows any person vacating of using subsurface public space under the authority of this title to ^^prepaid rent, vacate, voluntarily or involuntarily, all or part of any space for which refund. rent has been paid, the Commissioner is authorized to refund so much of such prepaid rent as may be represented by the amount of space so vacated and by the length of time remaining m the period for which rent was paid: Provided, That the Commissioner may deduct from such prepayment any amount due the District in compensation for