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[82 STAT. 1229]
[82 STAT. 1229]
PUBLIC LAW 90-000—MMMM. DD, 1968

82 STAT. ]

PUBLIC LAW 90-618-OCT. 22, 1968


in such manner as the Secretary or his delegate may by regulations prescribe; (d) identified himself in the application form in such manner as the Secretary or his delegate may by regulations prescribe, except that, if such person is an individual, the identification must include his fingerprints and his photograph; and (e) obtained the approval of the Secretary or his delegate to make and register the firearm and the application form shows such approval. Applications shall be denied if the making or possession of the firearm would place the person making the firearm in violation of law.

"Subchapter B—General Provisions and Exemptions "Part I. General provisions. "Part II. Exemptions.

"PART I—GENERAL PROVISIONS "Sec. 5841. Registration of firearms. "Sec. 5842. Identification of firearms. "Sec. 5843. Records and returns. "Sec. 5844. Importation. "Sec. 5845. Definitions. "Sec. 5846. Other laws applicable. "Sec. 5847. Effect on other law. "Sec. 5848. Restrictive use of information. "Sec. 5849. Citation of chapter. "SEC. 5841. REGISTRATION OF FIREARMS. " (a) CENTRAL REGISTRY. The Secretary or his delegate shall main- ^ J^^o°"^^ f"J' •



-ti n


T-r ',

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arms Registration

tain a central registry of all firearms m the United States which are and Transfer Recnot in the possession or under the control of the United States. This ""^ "" registry shall l3e known as the National Firearms Registration and Transfer Record. The registry shall include— "(1) identification of the firearm; "(2) date of registration; and "(3) identification and address of person entitled to possession of the firearm. " (b) BY W H O M REGISTERED.—Each manufacturer, importer, and

maker shall register each firearm he manufactures, imports, or makes. Each firearm transferred shall be registered to the transferee by the transferor. "(c) How REGISITSRED.—Each manufacturer shall notify the Secretary or his delegate of the manufacture of a firearm in such manner as may by regulations be prescribed and such notification shall effect the registration of the firearm required by this section. Each importer, maker, and transferor of a firearm shallj prior to importing, making, or transferring a firearm, obtain authorization in such manner as required by this chapter or regulations issued thereunder to import, make, or transfer the firearm, and such authorization shall effect the registration of the firearm required by this section. " (d) FIREARMS REGISTERED ON EFFECTIVE DATE OF T H I S ACT. — A

person shown as possessing a firearm by the records maintained by the Secretary or his delegate pursuant to the National Firearms Act in ^^^ ^*^' ^^i; force on the day immediately prior to the effective date of the National ^^fusc tsoiFirearms Act of 1968 shall be considered to have registered under this 5862. section the firearms in his possession which are disclosed by that record ^°® P 1235. as being in his possession. "(e) PROOF OF REGISTRATION.—A person possessing a firearm regis-

tered as required by this section.shall retain proof of registration which shall be made available to the Secretary or his delegate upon request.