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[82 STAT. 128]
[82 STAT. 128]
PUBLIC LAW 90-000—MMMM. DD, 1968


PUBLIC LAW 90-313-MAY 22, 1968



be persons knowledgeable in the field of compeusation for motor vehicle accident losses. The Advisory Committee shall advise the Secretary on the preparation for and the conduct of the study authorized by this joint resolution. H E A R I N G S A N D PRODUCTION Subpena power, etc.

A c c e s s to evidence.

Filing of reports.

Compliance order.

W i t n e s s e s, compensation. Confidential information.

62 Stat. 791.



SEC. 5. (a) For the purpose of can-ying out the provisions of this joint resolution the Secretary, or on the authorization of the Secretary any officer or employee of the l)epartment of Transportation, may hold such hearings, take such testimony, sit and act ait such times and places, adminisiter such oaths, and require, by subpena or otherwise, the attendance and testimony of such witnesses and the production of such books, papei"s, correspondence, memorandums, contracts, agreements, or other records as the Secretary, or such officer or employee, deems advisable. (b) In order to carry out the provisions of this joint resolution, the Secretary or his duly authorized agent shall at all reasonable times have access to, and for the purposes of examination the right to copy, any documentary evidence of any corporation, business firm, institution, or individual having materials or information relevant to the study authorized by this joint resolution. (c) The Secretary is authorized to require, by general or special orders, any corporation, business firm, or individual or any class of such corporation, firms, or individuals to file, in such form as the Secretary may prescribe, reports or answers in writing to specific questions relating to the study authorized by this joint resolution. Such reports and answers shall be made under oath or otherwise, and shall be filed with the Secretary within such reasonable period as the Secretary may prescribe. (d) Any of the district courts of the United States within the jurisdiction of which an inquiry is carried on may, in case of contumacy or refusal to obey a subpena or order of the Secretary or such officer or employee issued under subsection (a) or subsection (c) of this section, issue an order requiring compliance therewith; and any failure to obey such order of the court may be punished by such court as a contempt thereof. (e) Witnesses summoned pursuant to this section shall be paid the same fees and mileage that are paid witnesses in the courts of the United States. (f) Any information -which is reported to or otherwise obtained by the Secretary or such officer or employee under this section and which contains or relates to a trade secret or other matter referred to in section 1905 of title 18 of the United States Code, shall not be disclosed except to other officers or employees of the Federal Government for their use in carrying out this joint resolution. Nothing in the preceding sentence shall authorize the withholding of information by the Secretary (or any officer or employee under his control) from the duly authorized committees of the Congress. TERMINATION

SEC. (). The authority of the Secretary under this joint resolution shall tenninate ninety days after the submission of his final report under subsection (b) of the first section.