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[82 STAT. A14]
[82 STAT. A14]
PUBLIC LAW 90-000—MMMM. DD, 1968



Congress—Continued Page Reports to —Continued Law Enforcement Assistance Administration, activities 208 National Advisory Commission on Low Income Housing, recommendations 497 National Advisory Council on Vocational Education, program 1067 National Commission for the Review of Federal and State Laws R e lating to Wiretapping and Electronic Surveillance 224 National Commission on Consumer Finance 165 National Commission on Fire P r e vention and Control 38 National Homeownership F o u n d a tion, housing, annual 494 President of the United States— Budget, reserved amounts 272 Communist countries, economic assistance, determination 1140 Economic report, 1968, t i m e extension 3 Foreign assistance programs 673, 962, 964, 967, 1139 Foreign military sales 1323, 1324 Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968 601,602 International Coffee Agreement Act of 1968 1349 International Programs in Meteorology 1444 Military assistance, underdeveloped countries 1138 Tax reform proposals 270 Securities and Exchange Commission, study on effect of institutional investors 453 Transportation, Department of— Motor vehicle accident compensation system, study 126 Settlement of military claims 878 Transportation projects, etc 821, 827, 830, 835 United States Courts, interception of wire and oral communications, authorizations 222 Vocational education, program guidelines, etc 1096 Surviving spouses of members, franked mail privileges 278 Congress, Library of. See Library of Congress. Conservation Reserve Program, appropriation for 648

Consolidated F a r m e r s H o m e Administra- Fase tion Act of 1961: Amendments— Hawaii, farm improvement loans on leased lands, time extension 445 Loans to supplement income; conversion to recreational use; water and sewer development grants, etc 770 Appropriation for effecting provisions __ 643, 650, 651 Constitution of the United States, printing as House document, additional copies.. 1442 Constitution Week, 1968, proclamation,__ 1633 Consumer and M a r k e t i n g Service, appropriation for 308, 325, 644, 1190 Consumer Credit Protection Act: Consumer credit cost disclosure 146 Extortionate credit transactions 159 National Commission on Consumer Finance 164 Restriction on garnishment 162 Appropriation for effecting provisions. _ 1192 Consumer Finance, National Commission on, establishment 164 Consumer Interests, P r e s i d e n t ' s Committee on, appropriation for 994 Continuing Appropriation Acts, 1969 275, 475, 906 Contracts with United States: Armed Forces, multiyear p r o c u r e m e n t - . 289 Defense, Department of— Cargo container sizes, specifications.. 49, 50 Procurement, examination of records. 863 District of Columbia— Maintenance of equipment of buildings, etc 1004 Public works, bonding requirements.. 628 Educational institutions, law enforcement programs, loans to persons entering 204 Land and water conservation, appropriation authorization for acquisition 355 Rehabilitation of youth, grants for 470 T r u t h in Negotiations Act, procurement under contract, examination of records 863 Watershed protection and flood prevention projects 250 Water supplies, conservation, etc 891-894 Cooperative Research Act, appropriation for effecting provisions 978 Cooperative State Research Service, appropriation for 324, 641 Copyright: Duration of protection, extension 397 Standard reference data, secured by Commerce Department 340