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[82 STAT. A23]
[82 STAT. A23]
PUBLIC LAW 90-000—MMMM. DD, 1968

SUBJECT INDEX Federal Aviation Administration—Con. Page Government Corporation Control Act, appropriation for effecting provisions 657 National capital airports, appropriation for 656 Research and development, appropriation for 656 Federal Bureau of Investigation: Appropriation for 331, 674 Director'— Appointment by President, by and with advice and consent of Senate 236 Compensation 674 Law enforcement training programs, establishment 204 Federal City College, establishment as a land-grant college in District of Columbia 241 Federal Civil Defense Act of 1950, Amendment, extension of a u t h o r i t i e s. 175 Federal Coal Mine Safety Board of Review, appropriation for 335, 440 Federal Communications Commission: Appropriation for 335, 940 National trail system, cooperation 926 Radio reception, devices which interfere with, regulations 290 Federal Credit Union Act, Amendments: Purchase of liquidating notes; unsecured loan limit; semiannual audits; consumer credit counseling programs; acceptance of gifts 284-286 Technical provisions 545 Federal Credit Unions, payroll deductions for employees to purchase shares 274 Federal Criminal Laws, National Commission on Reform of, appropriation for 688 Federal Crop Insurance Corporation, appropriation for 310, 652 Federal Deposit Insurance Act, Amendments, interest and dividends, maximum rates, extension of authority 856 "Federal Educational Policies, Programs, and Proposals," printing of additional copies 1451 Federal Farm Loan Act, Amendments: Federal intermediate credit b a n k s — Capital funds, improvement 182 Retirement of Government capital-__ 1145 Federal Field Committee for Development Planning in Alaska, appropriation for 444 Federal Firearms Act, repeal 234 Federal Flood Insurance Act of 1956, Amendments, treasury borrowing authority 573


Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act, Page Amendments: Animal drugs, new, consolidation of provisions regarding 342 L S D, and other hallucinogenic drugs, penalties for possession, etc 1361 Federal Highway Administration, appropriation for 239, 334, 657 Federal Home Loan Bank Act, Amendments: Federal home loan banks, investment in housing project loans 609 Interest and dividends, maximum rates, extension of authority 856 Liquidity requirements 856 Technical provisions 545 Federal Home Loan Bank Board, appropriation for 335, 953 Federal Housing Administration, appropriation for 1193 Federal Judicial Center, appropriation for 319, 686 Federal Magistrates Act 1107 Federal Maritime Commission: Appropriation for 687 Freight charges, voluntary refunds 111 Passenger vessels, compliance w i t h certain safety standards, time extension 449 Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service, appropriation for 335, 993 Federal National Mortgage Association, Government-sponsored private corporation 536 Federal National Mortgage Association Charter Act, appropriation for effecting provisions 948, 953, 977 Federal Power Act, Amendment, licensing authority; right of Government to take over p r o j e c t. _ 616 Federal Power Commission: Appropriation for 335,940 National trail system, cooperation 926 National wild and scenic rivers, approval 910 N a t u r a l gas pipeline safety standards, cooperation 725 Federal Prison Industries, Incorporated, appropriation for 691 Federal Prison System, appropriation for 318,331,675 Federal Property and Administrative Services Act of 1949: Amendments— Historical documents, collection, preservation, etc., extension of authorization 638 I n a u g u r a l Committee, assistance and special services 1319