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[82 STAT. A26]
[82 STAT. A26]
PUBLIC LAW 90-000—MMMM. DD, 1968



Foreign Direct Investment Control, ap- Page General Services Administration—Con. Page propriation for 683, 1197 Federal Property and Administrative Foreign Military Sales Act 1320 Services Act of 1949— Foreign Service Act of 1946: Amendments— Historical documents, collection, Amendment, reserve officers, extension preservation, etc., extension of appointments 814 of authorization 638 Appropriation for effecting provisions. __ 667Inaugural Committee, assistance 669, 672, 687, 689, 1143 and special services 1319 Foreign Service Buildings Act, 1926: Urban land utilization, acquisition, Amendment, construction and mainteuse, or disposition, notice to nance abroad, appropriation aulocal zoning authority 1104 thorization 461 Appropriation for effecting proviAppropriation for efiFecting provisions. _ 668 sions 991 Forest Products Week, National, 1968, Federal Supply Service, appropriation proclamation 1656 for 334, 941 Forest Service, appropriation for 314, 438 Federal Urban Land-Use Act 1104 Forestry in America, Cradle of, Pisgah Former Presidents— National Forest, N.C., establislament. 342 Allowances and office facilities, apFort Washington Parkway, Md., acquipropriation for 943 sition of lands 824 Office facilities, appropriation for 1192 Foss Reservoir, Washita River Basin ProjTravel expenses for stafif and, approect, Okla., water sources, study, etc___ 124 priation for. — 1192 Freedmen's Hospital, District of Columbia, General provisions. Appropriation appropriation for 328, 990 Act 943, 956 Inaugural Committee, assistance and G special services 1319 Gallaudet College, District of Columbia: National Archives and Records Appropriation for 328, 989 Service— Board of Directors, additional members. 397 Appropriation for _ 334, 942, 1192 Garden State Parkway, N.J., collection of Federal Register. See separate title. tolls 825 National Historical Publications Gas Pipeline Safety Act of 1968, Natural... 720 Commission, extension of authorGeneral Accounting Office: ization 638 Appropriation for 323, 412 Woodrow Wilson International CenComptroller General— ter for Scholars, Board of TrustDefense procurement contracts, uniees, membership 1357 form cost accounting standards, National Commission on Consumer study 279 Finance, financial and administraFederal employees, waiver of claims tive services provided by 166 for overpayment 1212 National historical publications grants, Federal grant-in-aid programs, study; appropriation for ^ _. 942 report 1107 National Vistor Center Facilities Act Guam, economic development loans, of 1968 43 audit 1173 National Vistor Facilities Advisory Flood insurance program, audit 586 Commission, member 45 National Homeownership Foundation, National Water Commission, furnishing audit 494 of services 869 New community land development, Organization of American States, headgrants, audit , 517 quarters site in District of General Agreement on Tariff and Trade, Columbia, construction, etc. 959 modification 1455 Property Management and Disposal General Pulaski's Memorial Day, 1968, Service, appropriation for 334, 942 proclamation 1642 Public Buildings Service— General Services Administration: Appropriation for 334, 940, 1192 Appropriation for 312, 334, 940, 1192 Government buildings, accessibility ^.^"^ Construction, public buildings projects, to physically handicapped!" f 718J appropriation for 312 John E. Fogarty Federal Building, V — - ^ Construction industry, employment Providence, R.I., designation— 280 stabilization, cooperation 1355