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[82 STAT. A32]
[82 STAT. A32]
PUBLIC LAW 90-000—MMMM. DD, 1968



Housing and Urban Development, Page Department of—Continued Rent supplement payments, rehabilitation project in New York City 606 Urban mass transportation, transfer of functions 1369 Urban Property Protection and Reinsurance Act of 1968 555 Urban renewal projects in Garden City, Mich.; Sacramento, Calif 607 Housing and Urban Development Act, Department of, Amendments: Assistant secretaries, additional 84, 606 Technical amendments 544 Housing and Urban Development Act of 1965: Amendments— Community facilities, grants 533,534 Rent supplements 502, 503, 567 Appropriation for effecting provisions 950-952 Functions under, transfer to Department of Transportation 1369 Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968 476 Appropriation for effecting provisions. _ 1193 District of Columbia Insurance Placement Act 567 Federal housing administration insurance operations 505 Guarantees for financing new community land development 513 Housing goals and annual housing report 601 Interstate land sales 590 Lower income housing 477 Miscellaneous and technical provisions. 602 Mortgage insurance for nonprofit hospitals 599 National Flood Insurance 572 National housing partnerships 547 Rental housing for lower income families 498 Rural housing 551 Secondary mortgage market 536 Urban mass transportation — 534 Urban planning and facilities 526 Urban property protection and reinsurance 555 Urban renewal 518 Howard University, appropriation for__ 328, 989 Hualapai Indian Reservation, Ariz., longterm leases of land 242 Hydroelectric Projects, licensing authority of Federal Power Commission; right of Government to take over project. _ 616



Idaho: Farragut State Park, Seventh National Jamboree of Boy Scouts of America 852 Minidoka Federal reclamation project, severance pay for employees on certain projects, nonreimbureabl^ 354 Illinois: Crab Orchard National Wildlife Refuge, legislative jurisdiction by United States, adjustment 177 Great Lakes Basin Compact, member. _ 414 Law and order in, proclamation 1622 Immigration and Nationality Act, Amendments: Aliens, Armed Forces personnel serving in Vietnam, naturalization 1343 Armed Forces, surviving spouse of member, naturalization 279 Statutory prescription of fees; elimination of. 1199 Immigration and Naturalization Service, appropriation for 318, 674 Imports: Cast iron parts, nonmalleable, restoration of duty 1359 Distilled spirits, certain, exemption from customs duties ' 1328 Duty-free entries— Alumina, extension of suspension 1210 Bauxite, extension of suspension 1210 Garnets , 1351 Cellulosic plastic1211 Containers 1351 Copper, extension of suspension 1211 Electrodes for producing aluminum. _ 1004 Professional equipment 1351 Utah State University, one mass spectrometer 1361 Electronic products, compliance with standards 1181 Wool, duty rates 1360 Inaugural Ceremonies Act, Presidential, Amendments, regulations; appropriation authorization 4 Inaugural Ceremonies of 1969, Joint Committee on: Appointment of 1445 Appropriation for 405 Inaugural Committee, assistance and special service by General Services Administration 1319 Independent Offices. See also Government Organization and Employees and individual titles. Appropriation Act, 1969 937 Appropriation for 196, 312, 321, 714, 1192, 1199