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[82 STAT. A37]
[82 STAT. A37]
PUBLIC LAW 90-000—MMMM. DD, 1968

SUBJECT INDEX Interstate Commerce Commission: Page Appropriation for 336, 944 Interagency Advisory Committee on Compensation for Motor Vehicle Accident Losses, member 127 National trail system, cooperation 926 Interstate Commission on the Potomac River Basin, appropriation for 715 Interstate Compacts, Consent of Congress Granted to: Animas-La P l a t a Project Compact 898 Great Lakes Basin Compact 414 K a n s a s City Area Transportation Authority, additional powers 338 Interstate Land Sales Full Disclosure Act 590 Investigation, Federal Bureau of. See Federal Bureau of Investigation. Iowa, Polk County, use of certain lands by State, removal of restrictions by Department of the Army 461 Iowa State University, land conveyance by Department of Agriculture 393 Irrigation Projects Feasibility Studies 5 Israel, foreign assistance program, sale of supersonic planes to 966 J Jewel Bearing Plant, William Langer, Rolla, N. Dak., operation of plant by General Services Administration Jewish Hospital Save Your Breath Month, National: Designation Proclamation Job Corps, Federal-State Operation, study of feasibility John E. Fogarty Federal Building. Providence, R.I., designation John E. Fogarty International Center for Advanced Study in the Health Sciences, appropriation for Joint Chiefs of Staff, Chairman, reappointment for one year Joint Committees, Congressional: Appropriation for Economic, President's Economic Report, 1968, filing date, extension___ Inaugural Ceremonies for 1969— Appointment Appropriation for Juarez, Benito Pablo, site selection for statue in District of Columbia Judges: Appeals, Courts of, appointment of additional Appropriation for District Courts, United States magistrates, appointment of

96-600 O - 69 - 117


71 1624 1097 280

983 180 404 3 1445 405 1154

184 319 1108


Judges—Continued Page District of Columbia. See Courts under District of Columbia. Widows and dependent children, annuities 662 Judicial Branch of the Government. See Courts, United States. Judicial Center, Federal, appropriation for 319, 686 Judiciary Appropriations: Judiciary Appropriation Act, 1969 683 Second Supplemental Appropriation Act, 1968 319,323 Supplemental, 1969 1197 Jurors and Commissioners, appropriation for 319, 685 Jury Selection and Service Act of 1968 — 53 Justice, Department of: Alien property activities, appropriation for 673 Appropriation Act, 1969 673 Appropriation for 318, 331, 673, 1197 Attorney General. See separate title. Civil Rights Act of 1964, appropriation for effecting provisions 674, 687, 974 Community Relations Service, appropriation for 674 Federal Bureau of Investigation— Appropriation for ^ 331, 674 Director, appointment by President, by and with advice and consent of Senate 236 Director, compensation 674 Law enforcement training programs, establishment 204 Federal Prison System, appropriation for 318, 331, 675 Foreign Direct Investment Control, appropriation for 683, 1197 General provisions. Appropriation Act 676, 691 Immigration and Nationality Act, amendments— Aliens, Armed Forces personnel serving in Vietnam, naturalization 1343 Armed Forces, surviving spouse of member, naturalization 279 S t a t u to r y prescription of fees; elimination of 1199 Immigration and Naturalization Service, appropriation for 318, 674 Interagency Advisory Committee on Compensation for M o to r Vehicle Accident Losses, member 127 Law Enforcement Assistance Administration— Appropriation for 676 Establishment 198 Legal activities and general administration, appropriation for 318, 331, 673