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[82 STAT. A62]
[82 STAT. A62]
PUBLIC LAW 90-000—MMMM. DD, 1968



Utah State University, duty-free entry of a mass spectrometer V Vessels: Annie B, documentation for use in coastwise trade Construction, differential subsidies, extension Fishermen's Protective Act of 1967 Fishing, inspections, loadlines, etc., exemption from requirements Foreign, in support activities of fishing fleet, prohibition Masters' liens for wages Merchant Marine Act, 1920, amendment, coastwise transportation of empty cargo vans for use in foreign trade Merchant Marine Act of 1936. See separate title. Ocean cruise vessels, removal of certain limitations Ocean Delight, documentation for use in coastwise trade Passenger, compliance with certain safety standards, time extension Shipping Act, 1916, amendment, freight charges, voluntary refunds United States-flag ships, coffee shipment, prevention of discrimination against USS Pueblo, hostile-fire pay to members. Veterans. See also Veterans Administration. Agricultural training, work-study time requirements Educational benefits, additional period. Employment opportunities, congressional statement Home loan program— Interest rates on insured mortgages; maximum loan g uaranty, increase. Structural defects in mortaged homes, aid for correction of Non-service-connected disability pensions, income limitations Nursing home care— Hawaii and Alaska Payment of higher proportion of costs. On-farm training program in Tangipahoa Parish, La., relief from overpayments Parents' compensation Pension, discontinuance and reductions, effective date "Summary of Veterans Legislation Reported, Ninetieth Congress," printing of additional copies

Page Veterans—Continued Page 1361 Tuberculosis, arrested, disability compensation 809 Veterans' Benefits Calculator, printing of additional copies 1444 Vocational rehabilitation— 1380 Educational assistance 1331 Part-time basis 447 1004 Wartime disability compensation, in729 crease 808 Widows and wives— 341 Annual income limitations 65 Edu cational benefits 1332 445 Veterans Administration. See also Vet107 erans. Appropriation for 313, 334, 947 Hospital and nursing home care, increased per diem payments 448 700 Land conveyance, Allen Park, Mich., property in 1202 State grants for nursing homes construction, extension 448 248 Veterans Pension Act of 1959, annual income limitations, increase 68 1380 Vice President of the United States. See also President of the Senate under 449 Senate. Office of the, appropriation for 398 111 Vietnam: Alien^s, Armed Forces personnel serving in, naturalization 1343 1349 Foreign assistance, supporting 962 863 Funds for procurement of iron and steel pro du cts for use in, restriction 1141 Vietnamese and other free world forces— Appropriation authorization 1136 1334 Availability of funds for support of— 850 1331 Vietnam, North: Commerce with, prohibition of financing 1448 exports to persons engaged in 451 Countries assisting, restriction of aid to_ 1141 Violence, National Commission on the 113 Causes and Prevention of, attendance and testimony of witnesses and pro116 duction of evidence 176 Virgin Islands: 64 Federal-aid highway program, study... 830 Medical program, regional, inclusion— 1005 1202 Virgin Islands, Revised Organic Act of 446 the, Amendments, popular election of Governor and lieutenant 837 Virgin Islands Elective Governor Act 837 809 Virginia: 66 Judicial districts, independent cities included 292 68 Law and order in the Washington metropolitan area, proclamation 1622 Police, mutual aid agreements in D.C. 1445 metropolitan area 1150