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[82 STAT. A64]
[82 STAT. A64]
PUBLIC LAW 90-000—MMMM. DD, 1968



Water—Continued Page Saline Water, Office of, appropriation for 314,436 Saline water program, appropriation authorization 110 Water and sewer development grants to associations 770 Water Carriers: Bankruptcy, rights of possession of equipment 1149 Equipment indebtedness, recording of evidences 1149 Water Commission, National: Appropriation for 1197 Establishment, etc 868 Water Commission Act, National 868 Water Conservation Fund Act of 1965, Land and: Amendments— Acquisition of lands, etc 355 Revenue, new sources 354 Appropriation for effecting provisions.429, 1194 Water Pollution Control Administration, Federal, appropriation for 713 Water Quality Act of 1965, appropriation for effecting provisions 981 Water Resources Council, appropriation for 715 Water Resources Planning Act: Amendment, increased appropriation, authorization 935 Appropriation for effecting provisions __ 715 Water Resources Research, Office of, appropriation for 437 Watershed Planning and Protection, appropriation for 642 Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention Act: Amendments, contracts for construction of works of improvement 250 Appropriation for effecting provisions. 642 Weather Program, World, U.S. participation 1443 Welfare Administration, appropriation for- 316, 328 Welfare and Pension Plans Disclosure Act, appropriation for effecting provisions 972 Wenatchee "National Forest, Wash., designation of Glacier P e a k Wilderness within 930 West Virginia: Marmet, land conveyances 733 Tyler, Wood and Jackson Counties, land conveyances 733

Wheat, cropland adjustment program; Page price support, etc., extension 996 White Cane Safety Day, 1968, proclamation 1628 White House Conference on Aging, 1971, authorization 878 White House Office, appropriation for 194 Wholesome Poultry Products Act 791 Wild and Scenic Rivers Act . 906 Wildlife, Sport Fisheries and. Bureau of. Crab Orchard National Wildlife Refuge, 111., legislative jurisdiction by United States, adjustment 177 Wildlife System, National, disposition of lands within, restriction 359 William Langer Jewel Bearing Plant, RoUa, N. Dak., operation of p l a n t by General Services Administration 666 Wilson International Center for Scholars, Woodrow, D.C., establishment 1357 Wine, production of, facilitation 1236 Wire or Oral Communications, devices for interception, prohibition; penalties for violations 211-225 Wiretapping and Electronic Surveillance, National Commission for the Review of Federal and State Laws Relating to, establishment 223 Wisconsin, Great Lakes Basin Compact, member 414 Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, Board of Trustees, m e m b e r ship, authority 1357 Woodrow Wilson Memorial Act 6f 1968. _ 1356 Wool: D u t y rates 1360 Price s u p p o r t program, etc., e x t e n s i o n.. 996 World Farm Center, congressional endorsement 1446 World Health Assembly, Twenty-second, Boston, Mass., appropriation for 670 World Law Day, 1968, proclamation 1648 World Trade Week, 1968, proclamation - 1618 Wyoming: Ashley National Forest, extension of boundaries 905 Colorado River Basin project, authorization 885 Flaming Gorge National Recreation Area, establishment 904 Shoshone and Arapahoe Indian Tribes, Wind River Indian Reservation, lands held in t r u s t for 131