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[82 STAT. 199]
[82 STAT. 199]
PUBLIC LAW 90-000—MMMM. DD, 1968

82 STAT. ]


PUBLIC LAW 90-351-JUNE 19, 1968

SEC. 203. (a) A grant made under this part to a State shall be utilized by the State to establisli and maintain a State planning agency. Such agency shall be created or designated by the chief executive of the State and shall be subject to his jurisdiction. The State planning agency shall be representative of law enforcement agencies of the State and of the units of general local government within the State. (b) The State planning agency shall— (1) develop, in accordance with part ( \ a comprehensive statewide plan for the improvement of law enforcement throughout the State; (2) define, develop, and correlate programs and projects for the State and the units of general local government in the State or combinations of States or units for improvement in law enforcement; and (3) establish priorities for the improvement in law enforcement throughout the State. (c) The State planning agency shall make such arrangements as such agency deems necessary to provide that at least 40 per centum of all Federal funds granted to such agency under this part for any fiscal year will be available to units of general local government or combinations of such units to enable such units and combinations of such units to participate in the fornuilation of the comprehensive State plan required under this part. Any portion of such 40 per centum in any State for any fiscal year not re(piired for the purpose set forth in the preceding sentence shall be available for expenditure by such State agency from time to time on dates during such year as the Administration may fix, for the development by it of the State plan required under this part. {[Ec. 204. A Federal grant authorized under this part shall not exceed 90 per centum of the expenses of the establishment and operation of the State planning agency, including the premration, development, and revision of the plans required by part ( y W h e r e Federal grants under this part are made directly to units of geiieral local government as authorized by section 305. the grant shall nor exceed 90 per centum of the expenses of local planning, including the preparation, development, and revision of plans required by part C. SEC. 205. Funds appropriated to make grants under this part for a fiscal year shall be allocated by the Administration among the States for use therein by the State planning agency or units of general Icxjal government, as the case may be. The Administration shall allocate $100,000 to each of the States; and it shall then allocate the remainder of such funds available among the States according to their relative populations. PART C — G R A N T S FOR LAW ENFORCE^IENT PURPOSES


SEC. 301. (a) I t is the purpose of this part to encourage States and units of general local government to carry out programs and i:)rojects to improve and strengthen law enforcement. (b) The Administration is authorized to make grants to States having comprehensive State plans approved by it under this part, for—

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Allocation of funds.