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[82 STAT. 322]
[82 STAT. 322]
PUBLIC LAW 90-000—MMMM. DD, 1968


PUBLIC LAW 90-392-JULY 9, 1968

[82 STAT.

"Office of the Chaplain", $540. "Office of the Postmaster", $18,570. "Committee employees", $231,340. "Minority employees", $4,230. "Democratic steering committee", $1,615. Special and minority employees: "Republican conference, $1,615; "Majority leader", $3,465; "Minority leader". $3,145; "Majority whip", $2,330; "Minority whip", $2,330; "Printing clerks", $575; and "Technical assistant in the office of the attending physician", $510. "Official reporters of debates", $9,355. "Official reporters to committees", $9,250. "Appropriations committee", $25,315. MEMBERS' CLERK HIRE

"Members' clerk hire", $1,217,700. CONTINGENT EXPENSES OF THE


"Special and select committees", $131,625. "Revision of the laws", $945. "Speaker's a.utomobile", $440. "Majority leader's automobile", $440. "Minority leader's automobile", $440. JOINT ITEMS

"Joint Committee on Reduction of Federal Expenditures", $1,310, to remain available until expended. C O N T I N G E N T E X P E N S E S OF THE


"Joint Economic Committee", $11,645. "Joint Committee on Atomic Energy", $10,340. "Joint Committee on Printing", $6,330. C O N T I N G E N T E X P E N S E S OF THE


"Joint Committee on Internal Revenue Taxation", $16,200. "Joint Committee on Defense Production", $2,955. ARCHITECT OF THE CAPITOL

Office of the Architect of the Capitol: "Salaries", $20,000; Capitol buildings and grounds: "Capitol buildings", $23,000; "Capitol grounds", $19,500; "Senate garage", $2,000; "Capitol power plant", $10,000; Library buildings and grounds: "Structural and mechanical care", $22,000; BOTANIC GARDEN

"Salaries and expenses", $13,000;