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[82 STAT. 400]
[82 STAT. 400]
PUBLIC LAW 90-000—MMMM. DD, 1968


PUBLIC LAW 90-417-JULY 23, 1968

[82 STAT.


For service and materials in cleaning and repairing furniture, and for the purchase of furniture, $31,190: Provided, That the furniture purchased is not available from other agencies of the Government. INQUIRIES AND INVESTIGATIONS

sostat. 831.

For expenses of inquiries and investigations ordered by the Senate, or conducted pursuant to section 134(a) of Public Law 601, Seventyninth Congress, including $412,360 for the Committee on Appropriations, to be available also for the purposes mentioned in Senate Resolution Numbered 193, agreed to October 14, 1943, $6,221,585. FOLDING


For the employment of personnel for folding speeches and pamphlets at a gross rate of not exceeding $2.42 per hour per person, $43,790. MAIL


For maintaining, exchanging, and equipping motor vehicles for carrying the mails and for official use of the offices of the Secretary and Sergeant at Arms, $16,560. MISCELLANEOUS

II vie n^M


For miscellaneous items, exclusive of labor, $4,348,335, including $398,000 for payment to the Architect of the Capitol in accordance ^^'^^^ section 4 of Public Law 87-82, approved July 6, 1961. POSTAGE S T A M P S

For postage stamps for the offices of the Secretaries for the Majority and Minority, $180; and for airmail and special delivery stamps for the office of the Secretary, $200; office of the Sergeant at Arms, $160; Senators and the President of the Senate, as authorized by law, $108,480; and the maximum allowance per capita of $800 is increased to $960 for the fiscal year 1969 and thereafter: Provided, That Senators from States partially or wholly west of the Mississippi River shall be allowed an additional $240 each fiscal year; in all, $109,020. STATIONERY



For stationery for Senators and the President of the Senate, $303,000; and for stationery for committees and officers of the Senate, $13,200; in all, $316,200, to remain available until expended. COMMUNICATIONS

For an amount for communications which may be expended interchangeably, in accordance with such limitations and restrictions as may be prescribed by the Committee on Rules and Administration, for payment of charges on official telegrams and long-distance telephone calls made by or on behalf of Senators or the President of the Senate, in addition to those otherwise authorized, $15,150.