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[82 STAT. 437]
[82 STAT. 437]
PUBLIC LAW 90-000—MMMM. DD, 1968

82 STAT. ]

PUBLIC LAW 90-425-JULY 26, 1968



For participation in the construction, operation, and maintenance of a large prototype desalting plant in southern California, as authorized by law (Public Law 90-18), $1,000,000, to remain available until expended.

81 Stat. 16.


For expenses necessary in carrying the provisions of the Water Resources Research Act of 1964, as amended (42 U.S.C. 1961-1961c7), $11,150,000, of which not to exceed $550,000 shall be available for 78 Stat. 329; administrative expenses. ^° ^*^'- ^^^' ^^°OFFICE OF THE SOLICITOR SALARIES A N D EXPENSES

For necessary expenses of the Office of the Solicitor, $5,385,000, and in addition, not to exceed $152,000 may be reimbursed or transferred to this appropriation from other accounts available to the Department of the Interior. OFFICE OF THE SECRETARY SAI>ARIES A N D


For necessary expenses of the Office of the Secretary of the Interior, including teletype rentals and service; purchase of two passenger motor vehicles, of which one shall be for replacement only, and not to exceed $2,000 for official reception and representation expenses, $8,801,000. GENERAL PROVISIONS, DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR

SEC. 101. Appropriations made in this title shall be available ^ ^^^'^^^^Q'^ '•^" for expenditure or transfer (within each bureau or office), with the approval of the Secretary, for the emergenc^^ reconstruction, replacement, or repair of aircraft, buildings, utilities, or other facilities or equipment damaged or destroyed by fire, flood, storm, or other unavoidable causes: Provided, That no funds shall be made available under this authority until funds specifically made available to the Department of the Interior for emergencies shall have been exhausted. SEC. 102. The Secretary may authorize the expenditure or transfer F°rest or range (within each bureau or office) of any appropriation in this title, in ^?^ addition to the amounts included in the budget programs of the several agencies, for the suppression or emergency prevention of forest or range fires on or threatening lands under jurisdiction of the Department of the Interior: Provided, That appropriations made in this title for fire suppression purposes shall be available for the payment of obligations incurred during the preceding fiscal year, and for reimbursement to other Federal agencies for destruction of vehicles, aircraft or other equipment in connection with their use for fire suppression purposes, such reimbursement to be credited to appropriations currently available at the time of receipt thereof. SEC. 103. Appropriations made in this title shall be available for f^^^'^^'f°" °^, operation of warehouses, garages, shops, and similar facilities, warehouses, etc. wherever consolidation of activities will contribute to efficiency or