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PUBLIC LAW 90-000—MMMM. DD, 1968

82 STAT. ]

PUBLIC LAW 90-255-FEB. 14, 1968

less it finds that the anticompetitive effects of the proposed acquisition are clearly outweighed in the public interest by the probable effect of the acquisition in meeting the convenience and needs of the community to be served. " (3) No acquisition shall be approved by the Corporation under this subsection which will— " (A) result in the formation by any company, through one or more subsidiaries or through one or more transactions, of a multiple savings and loan holding company controlling insured institutions in more than one State; or " (B) enable an existing multiple savings and loan holding company to acquire an insured institution the principal office of which is located in a State other than the State which such savings and loan holding company shall designate^ by writing filed with the Corporation within sixty days after its registration hereunder, as the State in which the principal savings and loan business of such holding company is conducted. "(4) The provisions of this subsection and of subsections (c)(2) and (g) of this section shall not apply to any savings and loan holding company which acquired the control of an insured institution or of a savings and loan holding company pursuant to a pledge or hypothecation to secure a loan, or in connection with the liquidation of a loan, made in the ordinary course of business, but it shall be unlawful for any such company to retain such control for more than one year after the enactment of this amendment or from the date on which such control was acquired, whichever is later, except that the Corporation may upon application by such company extend such one-year period from year to year, for an additional period not exceeding three years, if the Corporation finds such extension is warranted and would not be detrimental to the public interest. " (f) DECLARATION OF DIVTOEND.—Every subsidiary insured institution of a savings and loan holding company shall give the Corporation not less than thirty days' advance notice of the proposed declaration by its directors of any dividend on its guaranty, permanent, or other nonwithdrawable stock. Such notice period shall commence to run from the date of receipt of such notice by the Corporation. Any such divident declared with such period, or without the giving of such notice to the Corporation, shall be invalid and shall confer no rights or benefits upon the holder of any such stock. " (g) HOLDING COMPANY INDEBTEDNESS.—(1) No savings and loan holding company or any subsidiary thereof which is not an insured institution shall issue, sell, renew, or guarantee any debt security of such company or subsidiary, or assume any debt, without the prior written approval of the Corporation. "(2) The provisions of paragraph (1) of this subsection shall not apply to— " (A) a diversified savings and loan holding company or any subsidiary thereof; or " (B) the issuance, sale, renewal, or guaranty of any debt security, or the assumption of any debt, by any other savings and loan holding company or any subsidiary thereof, if such security or debt aggregates, together with all such other securities or debt then outstanding as to which such holding company or subsidiary is primarily or contingently liable, not more thnn 15 per centum of the consolidated net worth of such holding company or subsidiary at the end of the preceding fiscal year. "(3) The Corporation shall, upon application, approve any act or transaction not exempted from the application of paragraph (1) of this subsection if the Corporation finds that—