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[82 STAT. 530]
[82 STAT. 530]
PUBLIC LAW 90-000—MMMM. DD, 1968

530 79 Stat. 552. 42 USC 3121 note.

Interstate compacts.

Historical s i t e s and structures, study.

80 Stat. 915. 16 USC 470a.


PUBLIC LAW 90-448-AUG. 1, 1968

[82 STAT.

iiomic Development Act of 1965. The Secretary of Agriculture and the Secretary of Commerce, as appropriate, may provide technical assistance, with or without reimbursement, in connection with the establishment of districts by the Secretary of Housing and Urban Development and the carrying out of planning by such districts. "(f) The consent of the Congress is hereby given to any two or more States to enter into agreements or compacts, not in conflict with any law of the United States, for cooperative effort and mutual assistance in the comprehensive planning for the growth and development of interstate, metropolitan, or other urban areas, and to establish such agencies, joint or otherwise, as they may deem desirable for making effective such agreements and compacts. " (g) I n addition to the planning grants authorized by subsection (a), the Secretary is further authorized to make grants to organizations composed of public officials representative of the political jurisdictions within the metropolitan area, region, or district for the purpose of assisting such organizations to undertake studies, collect data, develop metropolitan, regional, and district plans and programs, and engage m such other activities, including implementation of such plans, as the Secretary finds necessary or desirable for the solution of the metropolitan, regional, or district problems in such areas, regions, or districts. To the maximum extent feasible, all grants under this subsection shall be for activities relating to all the developmental aspects of the total metropolitan area, region, or district including, but not limited to, land use, transportation, housing, economic development, natural resources development, community facilities, and the general improvement of living environments. A grant under this subsection shall not exceed two-thirds of the estimated cost of the work for which the grant is made. " (h) I n addition to the other grants authorized by this section, the Secretary is authorized to make grants to assist any city, other municipality, or county in making a survey of the structures and sites in such locality which are determined by its appropriate authorities to be of historic or architectural value. Any such survey shall be designed to identify the historic structures and sites in the locality, determine the cost of their rehabilitation or restoration, and provide such other information as may be necessary or appropriate to serve as a foundation for a balanced and effective program of historic preservation in such locality. The aspects of any such survey which relate to the identification of historic and architectural values shall be conducted in accordance with criteria found by the Secretary to be comparable to those used in establishing the national register maintained by the Secretary of the Interior under other provisions of law; and the results of each such survey shall be made available to the Secretary of the Interior. A grant under this subsection shall not exceed two-thirds of the cost of the survey for which it is made, and shall be made to the appropriate agency or entity specified in paragraphs (1) through (11) of subsection (a) or, if there is no such agency or entity which is qualified and willing to receive the grant and provide for its utilization in accordance with this subsection, directly to the city, other municipality, or county involved. "(i) As used in this section— " (1) The term 'metropolitan area' means a standard metropolitan statistical area, as established by the Bureau of the Budget, subject, however, to such modifications or extensions as the Secretary deems to be apnropriate for the purposes of this section. "(2) The term 'region' includes (A) all or part of the area of jurisdiction of one or more units of general local government, and (B) one or more metropolitan areas.