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[82 STAT. 623]
[82 STAT. 623]
PUBLIC LAW 90-000—MMMM. DD, 1968

82 STAT. ]

PUBLIC LAW 90-452-AUG. 3, 1968

courts, and other public agencies in the District of Columbia, an effective program for the prevention of intemperance and alcoholism, and the treatment and rehabilitation of incipient alcoholics, among juveniles and young adults. "SEC. 13. (a) The Commissioner shall maintain a continuing evaluation of his programs and shall conduct pilot and demonstration projects to improve his programs, and shall from time to time submit to the Congress such recommendations for programs for the District of Columbia to further the rehabilitation of chronic alcoholics, prevent the excessive and abusive use of alcoholic beverages, and promote moderation in the use of such beverages. "(b) The Commissioner shall prepare and publish materials, data, information, and statistics that relate to the problems of intoxication and alcoholism in the District of (Columbia and that may be used in a program of public education directed toward the prevention of the excessive and abusive use of alcoholic beverages. "(c) The Commissioner shall develop a comprehensive plan to implement the objectives and policies of this Act, and in so doing shall consult and collaborate with appropriate public and private agencies, institutions, and organizations m the District of Columbia, and with the Secretary of Health, Education, and Welfare. In developing such plan, the Commissioner shall make every effort to utilize funds, programs, and facilities authorized under Federal legislation. "SEC. 14. (a)(1) Except as otherwise provided in paragraph (2), if a person receives care, treatment, or any other services under this Act— " (A) such person (or his estate), and " (B) such person's father, mother, spouse, or adult children, shall be liable (each according to his ability, as determined by the Commissioner, and in the order listed above) to reimburse the District of Columbia, for all or such part of the actual cost of providing such services, as the Commissioner may require. The liability of any person described in subparagraph (B) of this paragraph shall be determined by the Commissioner after notice to such person that services have been or \\'\\\ be rendered under this Act and the Commissioner has found that such person is able to reimburse the District of Columbia for all or a part of the cost of providing such services. Sucli person may not be held liable for the cost of any services rendered more than ninety days prior to the date of issue of such notice. The Commissioner shall determine the ability of the person who received services under this Act (or his estate) or his father, mother, spouse, or adult children, as the case may be, to reimburse the District of Columbia, by an examination conducted under oath. In any one case the Commissioner may conduct as many examinations as he determines are necessary to ascertain the ability of such person (or his estate) or his relatives to so reimburse the District of Columbia. In the case of a person committed under section 7(a) of this Act, the Commissioner may conduct such examination at any time after a petition for such person's commitment is filed under such section; and in the case of a person committed under section 7(b) of this Act, such examination may be conducted by the Commissioner at any time after the court serves notice of the hearing to be conducted under paragraph (2) of such section. In all other cases the Commissioner may conduct an examination at any time. "(2) Any person described in subparagraph (B) of paragraph (1) who is liable to the District of Columbia under this section may apply to the Commissioner to have such liability waived. The Commissioner may waive such liability if he determines that it would be unreasonable to impose such liability because of the desertion or neglect of such person b}^ the recipient of services under this Act or because of other factors similarly affecting the relationship between such person