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PUBLIC LAW 90-000—MMMM. DD, 1968



PUBLIC LAW 90.265-MAR. 12, 1968

[82 STAT.

the Administrator, shall provide the necessary staff and facilities to assist the Commission in carrying out its duties under this title. gj,^ 203. The Commissicm shall, from time to time, report to the Secretary and the Administrator the results of its reviews, studies, and investigations. In the case of any report recommending additional facilities for visitors, such report shall include the Commission's recommendations as to a site or sites for the facilities to be provided, together with preliminary plans, specifications, and architectural drawings for such facilities as well as the estimated cost of the recommended sites and facilities. TITLE III—CAPITOL VISITOR CENTER SEC. 301. Notwithstanding any other provision of law, the Architect of the Capitol, in consultation with the House Office Building Commission and the Senate Office Building Commission, is hereby authorized and directed to provide adequate space and facilities in the Capitol Building for an educational and informational center and information and distribution stations to afford visitors to the Capitol Building an opportunity to acquire (1) information relative to Congressional offices, (2) assistance relative to their visit to the Capitol, (3) pamphlets, books, drawings, slides and photographs, and related materials, and (4) information about the Capital and the history of the Capitol Building and past and present Congresses. All materials distributed by such educational and informational center and such stations shall first be approved by the Architect of the Capitol, after consultation with the House Committee on House Administration, the Senate Committee on Rules and Administration, the United States Capitol Historical Society, and such other educational and historical groups as the Architect of the Capitol deems appropriate. The Architect of the Capitol is hereby authorized to enter into such agreements as may be reasonably necessary to operate such educational and informational center and stations. Approved March 12, 1968.

Public Law 90-265 March 12, 1968 [S. 1821]

Acadia National Park, Maine. Land e x c h a n g e.

AN ACT To authorize the Secretary of the Interior to exchange certain property at Acadia National Park in ITaine with the owner of certain property adjacent to the park.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of the Interior may convey to one Maurice Rich, Senior, a portion of the Acadia National Park, comprising approximately one and eight-tenths acres in the town of Southwest Harbor, Maine, and in exchange therefor the Secretary may accept from said Maurice Rich, Senior, any property which in the Secretary's judgment is suitable for addition to the park. The values of the properties so exchanged either shall be approximately equal, or if they are not approximately equal the values shall be equalized by the payment of cash to the grantor or to the Secretary as the circumstances require. Any cash payment received by the Secretary shall be credited to the land and water conservation fund in the Treasury of the United States. A conveyance of the federally owned lot shall eliminate it from the park. Approved March 12, 1968.