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[83 STAT. A12]
[83 STAT. A12]
PUBLIC LAW 91-000—MMMM. DD, 1969



Defense, Department of—Continued Page Court of Military Appeals, United States— Appropriation for 475 Judges, salary increase 864 Employees of defense contractors, reporting requirements 211 Facilities for defense agencies 309 Family housing at military installations— Appropriation for 467 Authorization 310 Foreign countries, friendly, military assistance 819, 820 Foreign military students, restriction on training 820 General provisions. Appropriation Acts. 468, 479 Homeowners assistance, acquisition of property 313 Joint Chiefs of Staff, chairman, reappointment for one year 12 Land conveyances. Grand Prairie, Tex. 318 Military Appeals, United States Court of— Appropriation for 475 Judges, salary increase 864 Military Construction Appropriation Act, 1970. 466 Military Construction Authorization Act, 1970 293 National Security Agency, restriction on number of positions, removal.._ 850 Operation and maintenance, appropriation for 474 Research and development, appropriation for 478 Reserve Forces Facilities Authorization Act, 1970 318 Retired pay— Appropriation for 51, 471 Cost-of-living adjustment 837 Travel allowances, per diem, increase.. 840 Defense Production Act of 1950: Amendments, voluntary credit restraint programs 376 Appropriation for effecting provisions. _ 348 Defense Projection, Joint Committee on, appropriation for 348 Defense Transportation Day, National, and National Transportation Week, 1969, proclamation 935 Delaware River Basin Commission, appropriation for 335 Demonstration Cities and Metropolitan Development Act of 1966: Amendments— Alaska, housing, loans 390 Model cities programs, authorization. 391


New technologies, use of Urban information and technical assistance, extension Appropriation for effecting provisions..

401 394 235, 237

Department of Housing and Urban Development Act of 1965, appropriation for effecting provisions 239 Desolation Wilderness, Eldorado National Forest, Calif., designation 131 Diplomatic Courier Service, United States, 50th anniversary, commemoration 83 Disaster Areas: Bureau of Reclamation, use in assistance 127 Debris removal 130 Farmers Home Administration, disaster loans, deferred payments 127 Fire suppression 129 Food coupon allotments 129 Highway repair, assistance 126 Public land entry, additional time 126 Small Business Administration, disaster loans, deferred payments 127 State disaster relief programs, assistance 128 Temporary dwellings 128 Timber sale contracts, cancellation, etc. 126 Unemployment assistance 129 Disaster Relief Act of 1965, Pacific Northwest, appropriation for effecting provisions 458 Disaster Relief Act of 1966, appropriation for effecting provisions 222 Disaster Relief Act of 1969 125 Appropriation for effecting provisions.. 222 District Courts: Appropriation for 61, 65, 419 Construction industry, health and safety standards, jurisdiction 97 Judges, salary increase 864 District of Columbia: Appalachia, Regional Action Planning Commission, Federal cochairman headquarters in 217 Appropriation Act, 1970 428 Appropriation for 51, 81, 428 Capital outlay, appropriation for 431 Criminal Laws of the, Commission on Revision of, appropriation for 428 Education, appropriation for 429 Employment, limitation 181 Federal payments— Appropriation for 51, 428 Increase 180 Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial Park, designation of land 928