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[83 STAT. A16]
[83 STAT. A16]
PUBLIC LAW 91-000—MMMM. DD, 1969



Federal Deposit Insurance Act, Amend- ^^se ments—Continued Maximum coverage, deposit insurance, increase 375 Nonfederally insured financial institutions, rate control 372 Federal Expenditures, Joint Committee on Reduction of, appropriation for 348 Federal Extension Service, appropriation for 66 Federal Field Committee for Development Planning in Alaska, appropriation for _ . 165 Federal Hazardous Substances Act, Amendments, toys with electrical, mechanical or thermal hazards, regulations; repurchase of, banned 187, 189 Federal Highway Administration: Appropriation for 78, 457 Public Roads, Bureau of, appropriation for ._. 457 Federal Home Loan Bank Act, Amendments: Borrowing authority, increase 374 Home mortgage loans, maximum interest rates __ ._ 401 Interest rates, regulatory authority 372 Nonfederally insured financial institutions, rate control 372 Federal Home Loan Bank Board, appropriation for __ 80, 239 Federal Insurance Administration, appropriation for 238 Federal Labor Relations Council, appropriation for 447 Federal Law Enforcement Training Center, appropriation for. _ 116 Federal Maritime Commission, appropriation for 80, 422 Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service, appropriation for 80 Federal National Mortgage Association Charter Act, appropriation for effecting provisions 233, 239 Federal Power Commission, appropriation for 80, 224 Federal Prison Industries, Incorporated, appropriation for 426 Federal Prison System, appropriation for 60,410 Federal Railroad Administration: Alaska Railroad Revolving Fund, appropriation for 460 Appropriation for 78, 459 High-speed ground transportation, appropriation for 460 Railroad Safety, Bureau of, appropriation for . 459

Federal Register: Page Printing and binding, appropriation for 357 Publication in— Coal mining, health and safety regulations 746, 747, 760, 793, 795, 796 Emergency insured student loans, regulations 142 Fish and wildlife, endangered species. 275 Tax on foreign organizations 519 Toys with electrical, mechanical or thermal h az ards, regulati ons 187 Federal Reserve Act, Amendments: Foreign-owned banks, funds borrowed from, reserve requirements 375 Interest rates, regulatory authority 371 Federal Reserve System: Credit Control Act 376 National banks, taxation by States, study 434 Federal Seed Act, Amendments: Certified seed, class specifications, etc.. 134 "Certifying agency", definition 134 Federal Supply Service, appropriation for. 226 Federal Trade Commission, appropriar tionfor 53,224 Federal Water Polution Control Act: Appalachian regions, sewage treatment works 215 Appropriation for effecting provisions.. 329 Fine Arts, Commission of, appropriation for 161 Fire Prevention Week, 1969, proclamation 952 Firearms; Ammunition, recordkeeping requirements 269 Fish and Wildlife Coordination Act of 1958, appropriation for effecting provisions - 325, 326 Fish and Wildlife Service: Black Bass Act, amendments, commercial traffic in Black Bass or other fish taken illegally in foreign country, restriction — 281 Endangered Species Conservation Act of 1969.. 275 Migratory Bird "Treaty Act, amendments, shipment of wild game mammals, etc., to and from Mexico 282 Fisheries Commissions, International, appropriation for 406 Fisheries Society, American, 100th anniversary, medals in commemoration.. 9 Flag Day and National Flag Week, 1969, proclamation -. 949 Flag of the United States: Display at half-staff upon death of certain officials, proclamation 974