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[83 STAT. A32]
[83 STAT. A32]
PUBLIC LAW 91-000—MMMM. DD, 1969



President of the United States—Con. Page Appointments by, with advice and consent of Senate— Environmental Quality, Council on, members 854 Inter-American Social Development Institute, Board of Directors 823 Joint Chiefs of Staff, chairman, reappointment for one year 12 Overseas Private Investment Corporation, Board of Directors; President, Executive Vice President.__ 810, 811 Spanish-Speaking People, Cabinet Committee on Opportunities for, chairman 838 Budget limitations, notification to Congress 82 Compensation, appropriation for 120 Congressional Space Medal of Honor, award to astronauts by 124 Disaster Relief Act of 1969 125 Economic Report to Congress, extension of filing date 850 Emergency Fund, appropriation for 122 Environmental Quality, Council on, creation 854 Executive Office— Appropriation Act, 1970 120 Appropriation for 52, 62, 65, 120,165, 221, 452 Budget, Bureau of, appropriation for. 65, 121 Economic Advisers, Council of, appropriation for 62, 121 Emergency Preparedness, Office of— Appropriation for 52, 65, 221 Federal disaster relief, coordinating officer 128 Executive Organization, President's Advisory Council on, appropriation for 452 Intergovernmental Relations, Office of— Appropriation authorization 849 Appropriation for 452 Management improvement, appropriation for 122 National Aeronautics and Space Council, appropriation for 221 National Council on Marine Resources and Engineering Development— Appropriation for 165 Extension __ 10 National Security Council, appropriation for 62, 121 Science and Technology, Office of— Appropriation for 65, 222

Coal mining, safety research, ad- Page visory committee on, member. 747 Reports to— Health, Education, and Welfare, Department of, coal mining, health 804 Interior, Department of, coal mining, health and safety... 803 Special Representative for Trade Negotiations, appropriation for 65 White House Office, appropriation for. 121 Exports to Communist-dominated countries, determinations; reports 841-847 Foreign Assistance Act of 1961. See separate title. Foreign Assistance Act of 1969 805 Former— Dwight D. Eisenhower, announcing death of 941 Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial Park, D.C., designation of land.. 928 Mail service, franking privileges for Mamie Doud Eisenhower, widow of D wight D. Eisenhower 7 Office facilities, etc., appropriation for 227 Funds appropriated to— Appalachian regional development program 222 Disaster relief 53, 222 Indus Basin Development, authorization 819 International Development, Agency for 66 International Financial Institutions.. 52 State, Department of 66 Inaugural addresses, Washington through Nixon, publication as a House document 903 International Aeronautics Exposition, establishment, authorization 317 Military assistance to friendly countries; restrictions 819, 820 National Environmental Policy Act of 1969 852 Papers of the Presidents, organizing and microfilming, appropriation for 356 Peace Corps Act, amendments— Program for 1970, appropriation authorization 166 Voluntary service program, development of international registers. _ 166 Volunteers, settlement of claims 166 Proclamations. See separate title. Random Selection for Military Service, proclamation 972 Reorganization plans, authority to submit to Congress, extension 6