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[83 STAT. A40]
[83 STAT. A40]
PUBLIC LAW 91-000—MMMM. DD, 1969



Taxes—Continued I'aBe Income—Continued Natural resources— Continental shelf areas 634 Depletion rates, percentage reduction 629 Mineral income, foreign tax credit. 634 Mineral production payments 630 Nontaxable exchanges, sales of lowincome housing projects; involuntary conversions 718, 723 Optional tax tables 684 Real estate depreciation 649 Reporting, change to installment basis 723 Returns— Computation by Internal Revenue Service 726 Failure to file 727 Filing requirements 726 "Shareholder-employees" of corporations, contribution to retirement plans 654 Single individuals and heads of household, tax rate 678 State and local obligations, arbitrage bond, not tax exempt 656 Surcharge, extension 93, 657 Withholding rates, extension 42, 96 Withholding tables 686 National banks, taxation by States 434 Technical Amendments Act of 1958, Amendment, vacation pay, accrued, tax deduction 711 Telephone Service, excise tax, extension._ 660 Television and Radio Amendments of 1969, Educational 146 Tennessee: Fort Donelson National Battlefield, judgment funds 359 Great Smoky Mountains National Park, certain rights-of-way, land conveyance 100 Tennessee Valley Authority, appropriation for 336 Tennessee Valley Authority Act of 1933, appropriation for effecting provisions. 336 Territories, Office of the, appropriation for 54, 151, 448 Texas: Grand Prairie, land conveyance by Defense Department 318 Lyndon B. Johnson National Historical Site, establishment 274 Padre Island National Seashore, funds for final judgments, authorization. 45 Thanksgiving Day: 1968, proclamation 912 1969, proclamation 971

Three Affiliated Tribes, Fort Berthold Faee Reservation, N. Dak., lands held in trust 167 Timber, disaster areas, cancellation of contracts, etc 126 Tinplate Scrap, exportation. Presidential determination 846 Toy Safety Act of 1969, Child Protection and 187 Trade Agreements, Switzerland, termination of bilateral, proclamation 919 Trade Commission, Federal, appropriation for 53, 224 Trade Negotiations, Special Representative for, appropriation for 65, 424 Trade Week, World, 1969, proclamation.. 936 Transit Authority, Washington Metropolitan Area: Appropriation for 461 Federal share for transit development program, authorization 320 Transportation, Department of: Appalachian regional transportation system 219 Appropriation Act, 1970 454 Appropriation for 61, 77, 451, 454 Coast Guard, United States— Aircraft, vessels, facilities, etc., appropriation authorization 84 Appropriation for 62, 78, 454 Passenger vessels, safety standards, etc., elimination of disclosure 427 Reserve components, strength 206 Federal Aviation Administration— Appropriation for 78, 456 Aviation War Risk Insurance Revolving Fund, appropriation for. 457 Civil supersonic aircraft development, appropriation for 457 National capital airports, appropriation for 456 Research and development, appropriation for 456 Sonic boom damages, appropriation for payment of claims 462 Federal Highway Administration— Appropriation for 78, 457 Public Roads, Bureau of, appropriation for___ 457 Federal Railroad Administration— Alaska Railroad Revolving Fund, appropriation for. 460 Appropriation for 78, 459 High-speed ground transportation, appropriation for 460 Railroad Safety, Bureau of, appropriation for 459 General provisions. Appropriation Act, 1970 462