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PUBLIC LAW 91-000—MMMM. DD, 1969

83 STAT. ]

PUBLIC LAW 91-52-AUG. 4, 1969 " ARTICLE VI.

"A. Nebraska and Wyoming recognize that the future use of ground Avater for irrigation in the Niobrara River Basin may be a factor in the depletion of the surface flows of the Niobrara River, and since the data now available are inadequate tx) make a determination in regard to this matter, any apportionment of the ground water of the Niobrara River Basin should be delayed until such time as adequate data on ground water of the basin are available. " B. To obtain data on ground water, Nebraska and Wyoming, with the cooperation and advice of the United States Geological Survey, Groundwater Branch, shall undertake ground water investigations in the Niobrara River Basin in the area of the Wyoming-Nebraska State line. The investigations shall be such as are agreed to by the State Engineer of Wyoming and the Director of Water Resources of Nebraska, and may include such observation wells as the said two officials agree are essential for the investigations. Costs of the investigations may be financed under the cooperative ground water programs between the United States Geological Survey and the States, and the States' share of the costs shall be borne equally hj the two States. "C. The ground water investigations shall begin within one year after the effective date of this compact. Upon collection of not more than twelve months of groimd water data Nebraska and Wyoming with the cooperation of the United States Geological Survey, shall make, or cause to be made, an analysis of such data to determine the desirability or necessity of apportioning the ground water by supplement to this compact. If, upo4i completion of the initial analysis, it is determined that apportionn^ent of the ground water is not then desirable or necessary, reanalysis shall be made at not to exceed twoyear intervals, using all data collected until such apportionment is made. "D. When the results of/the ground water investigations indicate that apportionment of ground water of the Niobrara River Basin is desirable, the two States shall proceed to negotiate a supplement to this compact apportioning/the ground water of the Basin. " E. Any proposed supjf)lement to this compact apportioning the ground water shall not become effective until ratified by the legislatures of the two-States and approved by the Congress of the United States. "ARTICLE VII. "The provisions of this compact shall remain in full force and effect until amended by action of the Legislatures of the Signatory States and until such amendment is consented to and approved by the Congress of the United States in the same manner as this compact is required to be ratified and consented to in order to become effective. "ARTICLE VIII. "Nothing in this compact shall be construed to limit or prevent either State from instituting or maintaining any action or proceeding, legal or equitable, in any court of competent jurisdiction for the protection of any right under this compact or the enforcement of any of its provisions.