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[83 STAT. 448]
[83 STAT. 448]
PUBLIC LAW 91-000—MMMM. DD, 1969


PUBLIC LAW 91-166-DEC. 26, 1969



at the rate of not to exceed $100 per day when engaged in the performance of the Panel's duties. COMMISSION ON GOVERNMENT PROCUREMENT SALARIES AND EXPENSES

For necessary expenses of the Commission on Government Procurement, $700,000, to remain available until June 30, 1972. NATIONAL COMMISSION ON CONSUMER F I N A N C E SALARIES A N D EXPENSES 82 Stat. 164. 15 USC 1601

For expenses necessary to carry out the provisions of Title IV of the Act of May 29, 1968 (Public Law 90-321), $375,000. CHAPTER III DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR BUREAU OF LAND MANAGEMENT MANAGEMENT OF LANDS AND RESOURCES

For an additional amount for "Management of lands and resources", $1,250,000. BUREAU OF INDIAN AFFAIRS EDUCATION AND WELFARE SERVICES

For an additional amount for "Education and welfare services", $6,000,000. OFFICE OF TERRITORIES TRUST T E R R I TO R Y OF THE PACIFIC ISLANDS

For an additional amount for "Trust Territory of the Pacific Islands", $7,500,000, to remain available until expended. GEOLOGICAL SURVEY SURVEYS, I N V E S T I G A T I O N S, AND RESEARCH

For an additional amount for "Surveys, investigations, and research", $700,000. BUREAU OF M I N E S HEALTH AND SAFETY

Post, p. 742.

For an additional amount for expenses necessary to improve health and safety in the Nation's coal mines, $12,000,000: Provided, That this paragraph shall be effective only upon the enactment into law of s. 2917, 91st Congress. BUREAU OF SPORT FISHERIES AND WILDLIFE MANAGEMENT AND INVESTIGATIONS OF RESOURCES

For an additional amount for "Management and investigations of resources", $310,000.