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[83 STAT. 752]
[83 STAT. 752]
PUBLIC LAW 91-000—MMMM. DD, 1969


80 Stat. 384. pose p. 760.

PUBLIC LAW 91-173-DEC. 30, 1969

[83 STAT.

(2) any public official whose official duties require liim to enter such area; (3) any representative of the miners in such mine who is, in the judgment of the operator or an authorized representative of the Secretary, qualified to make coal mine examinations or who is accompanied by such a person and whose presence in such area is necessary for the investigation of the conditions described in the order; and (4) any consultant to any of the foregoing. (e) Notices and orders issued pursuant to this section shall contain a detailed description of the conditions or practices which cause and constitute an imminent danger or a violation of any mandatory health or safety standard and, where appropriate, a description of the area of the coal mine from which persons must be withdrawn and prohibited from entering. (f) Each notice or order issued under this section shall be given promptly to the operator of the coal mine or his agent by an authorized representative of the Secretary issuing such notice or order, and all such notices and orders shall be in writing and shall be signed by such representative. (g) A notice or order issued pursuant to this section, except an order issued under subsection (h) of this section, may be modified or terminated by an authorized representative of the Secretary. (h)(1) If, upon any inspection of a coal mine, an authorized representative of the Secretary finds (A) that conditions exist therein which have not yet resulted in an imminent danger, (B) that such conditions cannot be effectively abated through the use of existing technology, and (C) that reasonable assurance cannot be provided that the continuance of mining operations under such conditions will not result in an imminent danger, he shall determine the area throughout which such conditions exist, and thereupon issue a notice to the operator of the mine or his agent of such conditions, and shall file a copy thereof, incorporating his findings therein, with the Secretary and with the representative of the miners of such mine. Upon receipt of such copy, the Secretary shall cause such further investigation to be made as he deems appropriate, including an opportunity for the operator or a representative of the miners to present information relating to such notice. (2) Upon the conclusion of such investigation and an opportunity for a public hearing upon request by any interested party, the Secretary shall make findings of fact, and shall by decision incorporating such findings therein, either cancel the notice issued under this subsection or issue an order requiring the operator of such mine to cause all persons in the area affected, except those persons referred to in subsection (d) of this section, to be withdrawn from, and be prohibited from entering, such area until the Secretary, after a public hearing affording all interested persons an opportunity to present their views, determines that such conditions have been abated. Any hearing under this paragraph shall be of record and shall be subject to section 554 of title 5 of the United States Code. (i) If, based upon samples taken and analyzed and recorded pursuant to section 202(a) of this Act, or samples taken during an inspection by an authorized representative of the Secretary, the applicable limit on the concentration of respirable dust required to be maintained under this Act is exceeded and thereby violated, the Secretary or his authorized representative shall issue a notice fixing a reasonable time for the abatement of the violation. During such time, the operator of