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[85 STAT. C14]
[85 STAT. C14]
PUBLIC LAW 92-000—MMMM. DD, 1971



Detention Act of 1950, Emergency, repeal. Detention Camps, citizen imprisonment Development Disabilities Services and Facilities Construction Act: Amendments, technical Appropriation for effecting provisions. 290, Diamond Crushing Bort, Industrial, disposition from national stockpile Diamond Stones, Industrial, disposition from national stockpile Diamond Tools, disposition from national stockpile Disabilities Services and Facilities Construction Act, Development: Amendments, technical Appropriation for effecting provisions. 290, Disaster Areas, private medical care facilities, grants Disaster Relief Act of 1965, Pacific Northwest, appropriation for effecting provisions Disaster Relief Act of 1970: Amendments, p r i v a t e medical care facilities, grants Appropriation for effecting provisions.- 29, Discrimination on the Basis of Sex, Prohibition: Federal programs, exclusion from participation in, or denial of benefits of any 168, Married women, equality of employment benefits Nurse training schools Schools of medicine, dentistry, etc Special employment assistance program. District Courts: Appropriation for 58, B o a t safety standards, jurisdiction Cost-of-living stabilization, jurisdiction Louisiana, additional j udicial district Mailing of hazardous articles, advertisement soliciting, jurisdiction District of Columbia: Appropriation Act, 1972 Appropriation for 73, Capital outlay, appropriation for Charitable and split-interest t r u s t s Claims and suits, appropriation for settlement Commission on the Organization of the Government of the District of Columbia, time extension Consumer protections Decedents' estates— Administration of small Guardian ad litem, appointment M o to r vehicles, transfer of title P r o b a t e fees; family allowance 313,

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Page Education, appropriation for 683 Estates, distribution of minor's s h a r e... 307 Federal payment, appropriation for 42, 682 Finance charge on direct installment loans 665 Fire Department— Assaults on firemen, penalties 316 Metropolitan Police Department Band, member 343 Retirement, to t a l disability, payment of medical expenses 341 Gallaudet College, appropriation for.. 65, 106 Gas meters, inspection 319 General provisions, Appropriation Act.. 686 Highways and traffic, appropriation for. 684 H o m e solicitation sales 671 Hospital, Saint Elizabeths— Appropriation for 289 United States prisoners, reimbursement for support of 253 H o w a r d University, appropriation for.. 65, 106, 632 L and disposition in Prince Georges County, M d 655 M a r y McLeod Bethune memorial, erection, extension of authorization 157 Minimum wage, exemption 658 Money lenders, licenses 679 Motor vehicle installment loans, direct; finance charge 666 Organization of the Government of the District of Columbia, Commission on the, appropriation for 682 Paralyzed Veterans of America, incorporation 317 Personnel, limitation 658 Policemen and firemen, to t a l disability retirement, payment of medical expenses 341 Public safety, appropriation for 683 Public utilities, gas meters, inspection.. 319 Recreation, appropriation for 683 Revolving credit accounts, a m o u n t and service charge 667 Sanitary engineering, appropriation for 684 School fare subsidy, extension 315 Taxation of property owned by the Scottish Rite of Free Masonry, exemption 842 Taxes— Business inventory, repeal 653 Corporate and incorporated business income tax, increase 653 Federal payment, increase 654 Inheritance tax, increased rates 652 Motor vehicle fuels tax, increase 653 Wages, a t t a c h m e n t and garnishment, definitions, etc 678