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[85 STAT. C16]
[85 STAT. C16]
PUBLIC LAW 92-000—MMMM. DD, 1971



Economic Stabilization Act of 1970—Con. Page Amendments—Continued District Courts of the United States, judicial review 748 Federal employee compensation adjustments 753 President's authority to stabilize prices, rents, wages, etc., extension; expiration date__ 1 3, 3 8, 7 4 4, 7 5 2 P r e s i d e n t ' s National Commission on Productivity, establishment 753 Temporary E m e r g e n c y Court of Appeals, creation 749 Appropriation for effecting provisions.641 "Economics of Aging: Toward a Full Share in Abundance", printing of additional copies 864 Ecuador, funds for settlement of claims under Fishermen's Protective Act of 1967 122 Education. See also Schools and Colleges. C a m p u s disruptors, prohibition on use of funds for loans or grants to 106, 177, 271, 301, 309, 734 Child Nutrition Act of 1966— Amendments, extension of program, authorization of funds 85 Appropriation for effecting provisions 88, 199, 200 School breakfast program, use of funds for 420 "Comprehensive Preschool Education and Child D a y - C a r e Act of 1969", hearings on, printing of additional copies 866 Handicapped, appropriation for assistance 103 Military recruiters barred from campuses, funds for grants, restriction. _ 427 M u t u a l educational and cultural exchange activities, appropriation for. 69 National School Lunch Act— Amendments— Extension of program; authorization of funds 85 Meals for needy children, use of funds for 419 Appropriation for effecting provisions 199 National School Lunch Week, 1971, proclamation 945 National Science Foundation, research programs, campus disruptors, restriction on financial assistance to_ _ 309 Nurse Training Act of 1971 465 Vocational and adult, appropriation for. 103 Education, Office of: Appropriation Act, 1972 103 Appropriation for 64, 103, 630

Education Act, Elementary and Second- Page ary, appropriation for effecting provisions 103, 630 Education Act, Environmental, appropriation for effecting provisions 104 Education Act of 1958, National Defense, appropriation for effecting provisions. 103, 104, 278 Education Act of 1965, Higher, appropriation for effecting provisions 104 Education Act of 1966, Adult, appropriation for effecting provisions 103 Education Act of 1970, Drug Abuse, appropriation for effecting provisions 104 Education and Related Agencies Appropriation Act, 1972, Office of 103 Education Facilities Act of 1963, Higher, appropriation for effecting provisions. 104, 630 Education of the Handicapped Act, appropriation for effecting provisions. _ 103 Education Professions Development Act, appropriation for effecting provisions. 104 Education Provisions Act, General, appropriation for effecting provisions. 103, 104 Education Week, American, 1971, proclamation 948 Educational and Cultural Exchange Act of 1961, Mutual, appropriation for effecting provisions 104, 250, 268, 269 Educational Exchange Act, United States Information and, appropriation for effecting provisions 268 Egg Products Inspection Act: Amendment, exemption of certain plants for a limited time 173 Appropriation for effecting provisions.. 41 El Salvador, animal disease control, United States cooperation with 418 Elderly: Housing, appropriation for 66 National E m p l o y the Older Worker Week, 1971, proclamation 901 Election Act, District of Columbia, Amendments: Board of Elections, Presidential primary election; petition requirements; members' compensation 789-796 Qualified electors, requirements 788 Election Campaign Fund Act, Presidential 563 Election Campaign Fund Act of 1966, Presidential, Amendments, repeal of certain provisions 573 Election Campaign Fund Advisory Board, Presidential, establishment 572 Elections, voting by citizens eighteen years of age or older 829