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[85 STAT. C24]
[85 STAT. C24]
PUBLIC LAW 92-000—MMMM. DD, 1971



House of Representatives—Continued Page Speaker of the House— Hon. Carl Albert, authorization to accept and wear The Ancient Order of Sikatuna (Rank of Datu) awarded by President of the Philippines 843 Reports to— Military departments, contract awards 410 National Aeronautics and Space Administration 175, 176 National Science Foundation, research programs 308 Watts, John C, payment to widow of-635 Housing Act, National: Amendment, Federal Savings and Loan Insurance Corporation, prepayment of premiums by insured institutions to 776 Appropriation for effecting provisions-- 193, 272, 273, 282, 284 Housing Act of 1937, United States: Amendment, public housing rent reductions, prohibition of reduction in welfare payments 776 Appropriation for effecting provisions-273 Housing Act of 1945, appropriation for effecting provisions 192 Housing Act of 1949, appropriation for effecting provisions 192, 193, 274 Housing Act of 1950, appropriation for effecting provisions 272, 273 Housing Act of 1954: Amendment, comprehensive planning grants, increased funds 776 Appropriation for effecting provisions_273, 274 Housing Act of 1961: Amendment, open space land program, increased funds 776 Appropriation for effecting provisions-274, 275 Housing Act of 1964, appropriation for effecting provisions 273, 274 Housing Administration, Federal, appropriation for 66, 271, 282 Housing and Urban Development, Department of: Appropriation Act, 1972 271 Appropriation for 44, 65, 195 College housing loans, appropriation for. 66 Elderly or handicapped, housing for, appropriation for 66 Emergency flood insurance program, extension; coverage of church property 775 Family housing at military installations405 Federal Housing Administration— Appropriation for 66, 271, 275

Expenses, limitation on appropriation Page for 282 General provisions. Appropriation Act284 Government National Mortgage Association— Appropriation for 266, 272, 282 Purchase of mortgages, waiver of limitation 775 Metropolitan development, appropriation for 65 Model cities programs, appropriation for 65 Mortgage interest rates, flexible, extension of authority 775 Nurse training, administrative assistance 467 Renewal and housing assistance, appropriation for 65 Rural housing, loans by Federal land banks 586 Veterans, mortgage protection life insurance 320 Housing and Urban Development Act of 1965: Amendment, water and sewer facilities, grants, time extension 776 Appropriation for effecting provisions 195, 272, 274 Housing and Urban Development Act of 1968: Amendments, emergency flood insurance program, extension; coverage of church properties 775 Appropriation for effecting provisions 272, 273, 275 Housing and Urban Development Act of 1970: Amendment, new communities assistance program, expansion 776 Appropriation for effecting provisions 274,275 "How Our Laws Are Made", printing of additional copies 866 Howard University, District of Columbia, appropriation for 65, 106, 632 Human Rights Day; Bill of Rights Day, proclamation 957 I Idaho: Shoshone Tribe of Indians, distribution of judgment funds 737 Water resources development project, studies 664 Illinois, Springfield, Lincoln Home National Historic Site, establishment— 347 Immigration and Naturalization Service, appropriation for 51, 68, 252 Import Milk Act, appropriation for effecting provisions 200