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[85 STAT. C25]
[85 STAT. C25]
PUBLIC LAW 92-000—MMMM. DD, 1971

SUBJECT INDEX Import Tea Act, appropriation for effect- Page ing provisions 200 Imports: Duty-free entries— Alumina 417 Armed Forces personnel in combat zones, certain gifts 774 Bauxite 417 Metal scrap 100 Silk 485 Meats, q u a n t i t a t i v e limitation on the importation into the U. S. of certain _ 886 Petroleum and petroleum products, modification of importation, proclamation 951 Stainless steel flatware, tariff rate quota. 930 Supplemental d u t y for balance of payments purposes 926 Tinned sheets for use in maple sap evaporators, d u t y r a t e 418 Trinitrotoluene, d u t y reduction 417 Independent Office. See also Government Organization and Employees and individual titles. Appropriation for 44, 54, 113, 374 Indian Affairs, Bureau of, appropriation for 44, 66, 230, 627 Indian Claims Commission, appropriation for 242 Indian Health Services, appropriation for 45,241 Indian Opportunity, National Council on, appropriation for 46, 245 Indians: Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act__ 688 Crow Creek Sioux Reservation, S. Dak., townsite construction 798 Employment assistance programs, eligible applicants 148 Health services, appropriation for 45, 241 Iowa Tribes of Oklahoma, and of Kansas and Nebrasks, distribution of judgm e n t funds 82 Kalispel Indian Reservation, Wash., sale of lands 625 Navajo Community College Act 646 P e m b i n a B and of Chippewa, distribution of j u d g m e n t funds 158 Pueblo of Laguna, N. Mex., disposition of j u d g m e n t funds 486 Shoshone Tribes in I d a h o, Wyoming and U t a h, distribution of judgment funds 737 Snohomish Tribe, disposition of judgm e n t funds 83 Snoqualmie and Skykomish Tribes, disposition of j u d g m e n t funds 83 Summit Lake P a i u t e Tribe, Nev., lands held in t r u s t for 643


Upper Skagit Tribe, disposition of judg- Page m e n t funds 83 Indochina, termination of hostilities in; release of prisoners, congressional statement 360, 430 Industrial Diamond Crushing Bort, disposition from national stockpile 303 Industrial Diamond Stones, disposition from national stockpile 331 Industrial Pollution Control Council, National, appropriation for 62, 257 Information Agency, United States, appropriation for 73, 268 Information and Educational Exchange Act, United States, appropriation for effecting provisions 268 Insurance: Agricultural credit real estate loans, extension of authority 364 Armed Forces. See separate title. Federal Credit Unions, share insurance, time extension to meet requirements. 796 Federal Crop Insurance Corporation, appropriation for 60, 190 Federal Insurance Administration, appropriation for 275 Mortgage protection life insurance, disabled veterans 320 National Flood Insurance Act of 1968— Amendments, emergency flood insurance program, extension; coverage of church property 775 Appropriation for effecting provisions _ 275 Veterans. See separate title. Insurance Act, Federal Deposit, Amendments, interest rates, regulatory authority, extension 13, 38 Inter-American Development Bank, appropriation for 43, Interest Equalization Tax Extension Act of 1971 Intergovernmental Relations, Advisory Commission on, appropriation for — 72, Intergovernmental Relations, Office of, appropriation for Interior, Department of the: Alaska, Joint Federal-State L and Use Planning Commission for, appointment of members Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act. - Alaska Power Administration, appropriation for Appropriation Act, 1972 Appropriation for- 44, 50, 66, 229, 368, 627, Bonneville Power Administration, appropriation for 67, Coal Research, Office of, appropriation for 235,

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706 688 372 229 638 372 628