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[85 STAT. C31]
[85 STAT. C31]
PUBLIC LAW 92-000—MMMM. DD, 1971


SUBJECT INDEX Family members lost in service, exemp- Page tion of registrant 351, 354 Induction; extension of authority 348, 353 Medical needs, study 354 Military strength, extension of authority 355 Registration 348, 353 Selective Service System 352 Students, deferment 350, 354 Military Selective Service Act of 1967, citation redesignated Military Selective Service Act 348 Milk Act, Filled, appropriation for effecting provisions 200 Milk Act, Import, appropriation for effecting provisions 200 Mine Safety Board of Review, Federal Metal and Nonmetallic, appropriation for 245 Mines, Bureau of, appropriation for 45, 67, 234, 627 Minority Business Enterprise, appropriation for 51, 61, 257, 639 Minority Language Groups, Year of World: Designation 342 Proclamation 929 Mint, Bureau of the, appropriation for 70, 109 Mississippi River and Tributaries, flood control project, additional funds 798 Mississippi River, Upper, flood control project, additional funds 798 Missouri River, flood control project, additional funds 798 Model Secondary School for the Deaf, appropriation for

65, 105 Montana, water resources development project, studies 665 Moon Walk Day, National Designation 156 Proclamation 919 Mortgage Association, Government National: Appropriation for 266, 272, 282 Purchase of mortgages, waiver of limitation 775 Mortgage Association Charter Act, Federal National, appropriation for 294 Mother's Day, 1971, proclamation 902 Motor Vehicles: Automobiles, light-duty trucks, etc., repeal of excise tax 530 District of Columbia, unsettled traffic violations, impoundment 657 New car labels showing excise tax, repeal 534 Motorboat Act of 1940, repeal of certain provisions 228 Multiple Sclerosis Society Annual Hope Chest Appeal Weeks, National, proclamation 903 75-432 O - 72

Music Month, Country, 1971, proclama- Page tion

948 Mutual Educational and Cultural Exchange Act of 1961, appropriation for effecting provisions 104, 250, 268, 269 N Narcotic Addict Rehabilitation Act of 1966, appropriation for effecting provisions _ 289 Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs, Bureau of, appropriation for 68, 253 National Advisory Committee on Education of the Deaf, appropriation for 297 National Advisory Committee on Oceans and Atmosphere, establishment 344 National Advisory Council on Health Professions Education, establishment-__ 460 National Advisory Council on Nurse Training, membership 479 National Aeronautics and Space Act of 1958: Amendment, reports to Congress, repeal of provision 177 Appropriation for effecting provisions— 276 National Aeronautics and Space Administration, appropriation for 44, 71, 277 National Aeronautics and Space Administration Authorization Act, 1972 174 National Aeronautics and Space Council, appropriation for 276 National Agricultural Library, appropriation for 60, 187 National Archives and Records Service: Appropriation for 70, 117 Federal Register. See separate title. National Board for the Promotion of Rifle Practice, appropriation for 720 National Boating Safety Advisory Council, establishment 225 National Bureau of Standards, appropriation for 61,258,639 National Cancer Act of 1971, The 778 National Cancer Advisory Board, establishment 783 National Cancer Institute: Appropriation for 47, 292 Director, appointment 785 National Cancer Research and Demonstration Centers, establishment 781 National Capital Planning Commission, appropriation for 72, 242 National Capital Transportation Act of 1969, appropriation for effecting provisions 212, 641 National Clown Week, proclamation 923 National Commission on Consumer Finance, appropriation for 198 National Commission on Fire Prevention and Control, appropriation for 51, 266