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[85 STAT. 287]
[85 STAT. 287]
PUBLIC LAW 92-000—MMMM. DD, 1971

85 STAT. ]

PUBLIC LAW 92-80-AUG. 10, 1971


istration account in the Unemployment Trust Fund, of which $44,000,000 shall be available only to the extent necessary to meet increased costs of administration resulting from changes in a State law or increases in the number of unemployment insurance claims filed and claims paid or increased salary costs resulting from changes in State salary compensation plans embracing employees of the State generally over those upon which the State's basic grant (or the allocation for the District of Columbia) was based, which increased costs of administration cannot be provided for by normal budgetary adjustments: Provided, That any portion of the funds granted to a State in the current fiscal year and not obligated by the State in that year shall be returned to the Treasury and credited to the account from which derived: Provided further, That such amounts as may be agreed upon by the Department of Labor and the United States Postal Service shall be used for the payment, in such manner as said parties may jointly determine, of postage for the transmission of official mail matter m connection with the administration of unemployment compensation systems and employment services by States receiving grants herefrom. Grants to States, next succeeding fiscal year: For making, after May 31 of the current fiscal year, payments to States under title III of the Social Security Act, as amended, and under the Act of June 6, '^^ ^tat. 6 26; 1933, as amended, for the first quarter of the next succeeding fiscal ^'^42 USC°5o'i. year, such sums as may be necessary, the obligations incurred and the ^s Stat. l u. expenditures made thereunder for payments under such title and under ^^ ^^^ ^'^' such Act of June 6, 1933, to be charged to the appropriation therefor for that fiscal year: Provided, That the payments made pursuant to this paragraph shall not exceed the amount obligated by the United States for such purposes for the fourth quarter of the current fiscal year. LABOR-MANAGEMENT SERVICES ADMINISTRATION SALARIES AND EXPENSES

For necessary expenses for the Labor-Management Services Administration, $22,798,000. WORKPLACE STANDARDS ADMINISTRATION SALARIES AND EXPENSES

For necessary expenses for the Workplace Standards Administration, including reimbursement to State, Federal, and local agencies and their employees for inspection services rendered, $86,391,000, of which not to exceed $32,000 shall be transferred to the fund created by section 44 of the Longshoremen's and Harbor Workers' Compensation Act, as amended. FEDERAL W O R K M E N S C O M P E N S A T I O N


For the payment of compensation and other benefits and expenses (except administrative expenses) authorized by law and a<:x;ruing dur-

44 Stat. 1444; 70 Stat. 656. 33 USC 944.