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[85 STAT. 360]
[85 STAT. 360]
PUBLIC LAW 92-000—MMMM. DD, 1971


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PUBLIC LAW 92.129-SEPT. 28, 1971

[85 STAT.

on October 1, 1971, except that section 203 shall become effective on such date as shall be prescribed by the Secretary of Defense, but not earlier than February 1, 1971, and section 206 shall become effective July 1, 1971. SEC. 210. The enactment of this title shall not reduce the pay to which any member of the uniformed services was entitled on June 30, 1971. ^^^' ^^^- ^^^ later thau June 30, 1972, the Secretary of Defense shall report to the Chairmen of the Armed Services Committees of the Senate and of the House of Representatives on the effectiveness of the provisions of this title in increasing the number of volunteers enlisting for active duty in the Armed Forces of the United States. TITLE III—ACTIVE DUTY STRENGTH L E V E L S FOR F I S C A L Y E A R 1972

70A Stat. 28; 72 Stat. 1441. 525°"^ ^*^*' ^^^' R°e"orfto^congres^r.°'^ ° °""

SEC. 301. For the fiscal year beginning July 1, 1971, and ending June 30, 1972, each of the following armed forces is authorized an average active duty personnel strength as follows: (1) the Army, 974,309; (2) the Navy, 613,619; (3) the Marine Corps, 209,846; and (4) the Air Force, 755,635; except that such ceilings shall not include members of the Ready Reserve of any armed force ordered to active duty under the provisions of section 673 of title 10, United States Code, members of the Army National Guard, or members of the Air National Guard called into Federal service under section 3500 or 8500, as the case may be, of title 10, United States Code, or members of the militia of any State called into Federal service under chapter 15 of title 10, United States ^ode. Whenever one or more units of the Ready Reserve are ordered to active duty after the date of enactment of this section, the President shall, beginning with the second fiscal ^year quarter immediately following the quarter in which the first unit or units are ordered to active duty and on the first day of each succeeding six-month period thereafter, so long as any such unit is retained on active duty, submit a report to the Congress regarding the n e c e ^ t y for such unit or units being ordered to active duty. The President shall include in each such report a statement of the mission of each such unit ordered to active duty, an evaluation of such unit's performance of that mission, where each such unit is being deployed at the time of the report, and such other information regarding each such unit as the President deems appropriate. TITLE IV—TERMINATION OF HOSTILITIES IN INDOCHINA SEC. 401. I t is hereby declared to be the sense of Congress that the United States terminate at the earliest practicable date all military operations of the United States in Indochina, and provide for the prompt and orderly withdrawal of all United States military forces at a date certain subject to the release of all American prisoners of war held by the Government of North Vietnam and forces allied with such Government, and an accounting for all Americans missing in action who have been held by or known to such Government or such forces. The Congress hereby urges and requests the President to implement the above expressed policy by initiating immediately the following actions: