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[85 STAT. 394]
[85 STAT. 394]
PUBLIC LAW 92-000—MMMM. DD, 1971


PUBLIC LAW 92-145-OCT. 27, 1971

^85 STAT.

Public Law 92-145 October 27, 1971 [H. R. 9844]

Military Con-

struction and Reserve Forces Facilities authorization acts, 1972.


AN ACT To authorize certain construction a t military installations, and for other purposes.

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives United Sttttes of America in Congress assembled, '

" ^


of the


T T T T 1^* T

SEC. 101. The Secretary of the Army may establish or develop military installations and facilities by acquiring, constructing, converting, rehabilitating, or installing permanent or temporary public works, including land acquisition, site preparation, appurtenances, utilities, and equipment for the following acquisition and construction: INSIDE THE UNITED STATES UNITED STATES CONTINENTAL ARMY COMMAND

(First Army) Fort Fort Fort Fort

Belvoir, Virginia, $10,750,000. Knox, Kentucky, $775,000. Lee, Virginia, $5,192,000. George G. Meade, Maryland, $1,690,000. (Third Army)

Fort Fort Fort Fort

Benning, Georgia, $2,185,000. Bragg, North Carolina, $9,631,000. Campbell, Kentucky, $9,996,000. Rucker, Alabama, $437,000. (Fourth Army)

Fort Fort Fort Fort

Bliss, Texas, $626,000. Hood, Texas, $23,435,000. Sam Houston, Texas, $9,694,000. Sill, Oklahoma, $940,000. (Fifth Army)

Fort Carson, Colorado, $23,172,000. (Sixth Army) Fort Lewis, Washington, $3,931,000. Fort Ord, California, $2,174,000. Presidio of San Francisco, California, $10,498,000. (Military District of Washington) Fort Myer, Virginia, $2,300,000. UNITED STATES ARMY MATERIEL COMMAND

Aberdeen Proving Ground, Maryland, $2,048,000. Aeronautical Maintenance Center, Texas, $4,730,000. H a r r y Diamond Laboratory, Maryland, $9,035,000. Letterkenny Army Depot, Pennsylvania, $319,000.