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[85 STAT. 456]
[85 STAT. 456]
PUBLIC LAW 92-000—MMMM. DD, 1971


PUBLIC LAW 92-157-NOV. 18, 1971

[85 STAT.

any particular physician shortage area (or who is not, under a waiver under paragraph (4) of this subsection, required to engage in such practice in any particular physician shortage area)— " (i) in any physician shortage area, or "(ii) at such place or places, in such facility or facilities, and in such manner, as may be necessary to assure that, of the patients receiving medical care provided by such individual, a substantial portion will consist of persons who are migratory agricultural workers or are members of the families of such workers; for a twelve-month period for each full academic year with respect to which he receives such a scholarship grant. For purposes of the preceding sentence, any individual, who has received a scholarship grant under this subpart for four full academic years, shall be deemed to have received such a grant for only three full academic years if such individual serves all of his internship or residency in a public or private hospital, which is located in a physician shortage area, or a substantial portion of the patients of which consists of persons who are migratory agricultural workers (or are members of the families of such workers) and, if, while so serving, such individual receives training or professional experience designed to prepare him to engage in the practice of primary care. "(2) The condition imposed by paragraph (1) shall be complied with by any individual to whom it applies within such reasonable period of time, after the completion of such individual's professional training, as the Secretary shall by regulations prescribe. " (3) If any individual to whom the condition referred to in paragraph (1) is applicable fails, within the period prescribed pursuant to regulations under paragraph (2), to comply with such condition for the full number of months with respect to which such condition is applicable, the United States shall be entitled to recover from such individual an amount equal to the amount produced by multiplying— " (A) the aggregate of (i) the amounts of the scholarship grant or grants (as the case may be) made to such individual under this subpart, and (ii) the sums of the interest which would be payable on each such scholarship grant if, at the time such grant was made, such grant were a loan bearing interest at a rate fixed by the Secretary of the Treasury, after taking into consideration private consumer rates of interest prevailing at the time such grant was made, and if the interest on each such grant had been compounded annually, by " (B) a fraction the numerator of which is the number obtained by subtracting from the number of months to which such condition is applicable a number equal to one-half of the number of months with respect to which compliance by such individual with such condition was made, and the denominator of which is a number equal to the number of months with respect to which such condition is applicable. Any amount which the United States is entitled to recover under this paragraph shall, within the three-year period beginning on the date the United States becomes entitled to recover such amount, be paid to the United States. Until any amount due the United States under this paragraph on account of any grant under this subpart is paid, there shall accrue to the United States interest on such amount at the same rate as that fixed by the Secretary of the Treasury pursuant to clause (A) with respect to the grant on account of which such amount is due the United States. "(4)(A) Any obligation of any individual to comply with the condition applicable to him under the preceding provisions of this subsection shall be canceled upon the death of such individual.