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[85 STAT. 667]
[85 STAT. 667]
PUBLIC LAW 92-000—MMMM. DD, 1971

85 STAT. ]

PUBLIC LAW 92-200-DEC. 17, 1971

"§ 28-3602. Finance charge "Such a bank or savings and loan association may contract for and receive interest at the rate provided for in chapter 33 or, in lieu of such interest, a finance charge which, if expressed as an annual percentage rate, does not exceed a rate of 111^ percent per annum on the unpaid balances of principal. "§2&-3603. Definitions "As used in this chapter, 'finance charge' and 'annual percentage rate' shall have the respective meanings under the provisions of the Truth-in-Lending Act (82 Stat. 146 et seq.; 15 U.S.C. 1601 et seq.) and the regulations and interpretations thereunder; and 'federally insured bank or savings and loan association' means an insured bank as defined in section 3 of the Federal Deposit Insurance Act or an 'insured institution' as defined in section 401 of the National Housing JCt.


^"'*' P- ^^5.

84 Stat. ii26. 64 Stat. 873. ^ "^^ "^S stat 1255. 12 USC 1724.

"Chapter 37.—REVOLVING CREDIT ACCOUNTS "§28-3701. Definitions "As used in this chapter— "(1) 'revolving credit account' means an arrangement between a seller or financial institution and a buyer pursuant to which (A) the seller may permit the buyer to purchase goods or services on credit either from the seller or by use of ia credit card or other device, whether issued by the seller or a financial institution, (B) the unpaid balances of amounts financed arising from purchases and the credit service and other appropriate charges are debited to an account, (C) a credit service charge if made is not precomputed but is computed on an outstanding unpaid balance of the buyer's account from time to time, and (D) the buyer has the privilege of paying the balances in full or in installments. "(2) 'credit service charge' means the sum of (A) all charges payable directly or indirectly by the buyer and imposed directly or indirectly by the seller as an incident to the extension of credit, including any of the following types of charges which are applicable: time price differential, service, carrying or other charge, however denominated, premium or other charge for any guarantee or insurance protecting the seller against the buyer's default or other credit loss; (B) charges incurred for investigating the collateral or credit-worthiness of the buyer or for commissions or brokerage for obtaining the credit, irrespective of the person to whom the charges are paid or payable, unless the seller had no notice of the charges when the credit was granted. " (3) 'seller' means a person engaged in the District of Columbia in the business of selling goods or services to retail buyers. " (4) 'buyer' means a person who buys goods or obtains services