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[85 STAT. 697]
[85 STAT. 697]
PUBLIC LAW 92-000—MMMM. DD, 1971

85 STAT. ]

PUBLIC LAW 92-203-DEC. 18, 1971


in order of their proximity to the center of the Native village: Provided, That if the Secretary, pursuant to section lY, and 22(e) deter- ^^^ Rg"^^^ ^^^^'J., mines there is a need to expand the boundaries of a National Wildlife ' ^ ^ "^^ Refuge to replace any acreage selected in the Wildlife Refuge System by the Village Corporation the withdrawal under this section shall not include lands in the Refuge. (B) The Secretary shall make the withdrawal provided for in subsection (3)(A) hereof on the basis of the best available information within sixty days of the date of enactment of this Act, or as soon thereafter as practicable. (b)(1) The Native villages subject to this Act are as follows: NAME OF PLACE AND REGION

Af ognak, Af ognak Island. Akhiok, Kodiak. Akiachak, Southwest Coastal Lowland. Akiak, Southwest Coastal Lowland. Akutan, Aleutian. Alakanuk, Southwest Coastal Lowland. Alatna, Koyukuk-Lower Yukon. Aleknagik, Bristol Bay. AUakaket, Koyukuk-Lower Yukon. Ambler, Bering Strait. Anaktuvuk, Pass, Arctic Slope. Andreafsey. Southwest Coastal Lowland. Aniak, Southwest Coastal Lowland. Anvik, Koyukuk-Lower Yukon. Arctic Village, Upper Yukon-Porcupine. Atka, Aleutian. Atkasook, Arctic Slope. Atmautluak, Southwest Coastal Lowland. Barrow, Arctic Slope. Beaver, Upper Yukon-Porcupine. Belkofsky, Aleutian. Bethel, Southwest Coastal Lowland. Bill Moore's, Southwest Coastal Lowland. Biorka, Aleutian. Birch Creek, Upper Yukon-Porcupine. Brevig Mission, Bering Strait. Buckland, Bering Strait. Candle, Bering Strait. Cantwell, Tanana. Canyon Village, Upper Yukon-Porcupine. Ohalkyitsik, Upper Yukon-Porcupine. Chanilut, Southwest Coastal Lowland. Cherf ornak, Southwest Coastal Lowland. Chevak, Southwest Coastal Lowland. Chignik, Kodiak. Chignik Lagoon, Kodiak. Chignik Lake, Kodiak. Chistochina, Copper River. Chitina, Copper River. Chukwuktoligamute, Southwest Coastal Lowland. Circle, Upper Yukon-Porcupine. Clark's Point, Bristol Bay. Copper Center, Copper River. Crooked Creek, Upper Kuskokwim. Deering, Bering Strait.