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[85 STAT. 800]
[85 STAT. 800]
PUBLIC LAW 92-000—MMMM. DD, 1971


PUBLIC LAW 92-222-DEC. 23, 1971

[85 STAT.

voir, Kansas, the Secretary of the Army, acting through the Corps of Engineers, is authorized and directed, notwithstanding any other provision of law, to take such action as may be necessary to improve the following roads in the vicinity of the Perry Reservoir area, Kansas: (1) The road leading north from United States Highway Numbered 24, at Perry, Kansas, to an intersection with a black top road east of the dam, consisting of approximately three miles; (2) The road on the west side of Perry Reservoir beginning at the north end of Delaware State P a r k running north and west and intersecting State Highway K Numbered 92 approximately one and one half miles west of Ozawkie, Kansas, consisting of approximately six miles; and (3) The road beginning on State Highway K Numbered 92, one mile east of Old Town Public Use Area, and running north approximately eight miles to intersect with State Highway K Numbered 4 and State Highway K Numbered 16 east of Valley Falls, consisting of approximately nine miles. (b) In carrying out such improvements, the Secretary of the Army shall be authorized to realign and grade such roads, and to pave such roads with a plant-mix bituminous surface (including chemical stabilization), in accordance with secondary road standards of the State of Kansas. Mccieiian-Kerr gj,^ n (^^ j ^ Order to provldc adjustments in the lands or interplTje^u^kta!"'^ ests in land heretofore acquired for the Verdigris River portion of the land reconveyMcClellan-Kerr River Navigation Project in Oklahoma to conform ^"^* such acquisition to a lesser estate in lands now being acquired to complete the real estate requirements of the project the Secretary of the Army (hereinafter referred to as the "Secretary") is authorized to reconvey any such land heretofore acquired to the former owners thereof whenever he shall determine that such land is not required for public purposes, including public recreational use, and he shall have received an application for reconveyance as hereinafter provided, subject to the following limitations: (1) No reconveyance shall be made if within thirty days after the last date that notice of the proposed reconveyance has been published by the Secretary in a local newspaper, an objection in writing is received by the former owner and the Secretary from a present record owner of land abutting a portion of the reservoir made available for reconveyance, unless within ninety days after receipt by the former owner and the Secretary of such notice of objection, the present record owner of land and the former owner involved indicate to the Secretary that agreement has been reached concerning the reconveyance. (2) If no agreement is reached between the present record owner of land and the former owner within ninety days after notice of objection has been filed with the former owner and the Secretary, the land made available for reconveyance in accordance with this section shall be reported to the Administrator of General Services for disposal in accordance with the Federal property and Administrative Services Act of 1949, as amended 40 USC 471 (63 Stat. 377). "°*^* (b) Any such reconveyance of any such land or interests shall be made only after the Secretary (1) has given notice, in such manner (including publication) as regulations prescribe to the former owner of such land or interests, and (2) has received an application for the reconveyance of such land or interests from such former owner in such form as he shall by regulation prescribe. Such application shall be made within a period of ninety days following the date of issuance of such notice, but on good cause the Secretary may waive this requirement.